4 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow to Improve Your Day Trading Skills

Timely and reliable information about interesting tickers, actual news or just practical thoughts of experienced traders is never excessive. This issue is especially relevant to traders who work from home and may miss opportunities to communicate with colleagues.

Many successful traders have their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. They have different goals. Some traders just like to be popular, and others try to attract potential subscribers to give them essential knowledge.

In fact, good mentors in day trading are few and far between, and not all of them know how to use Twitter for stock trading.

First, a proper selection of subscriptions to the accounts of experienced traders will allow you to improve your knowledge and skills in day trading.

You can also then, read free news feeds every day. Your choices will determine what information you will receive, be it essential forecasts, macroeconomic statistics or interesting news on separate stocks.

So, take a look at our choice of the best trading Twitter accounts, which could be useful for your day trades.

StockLock Alerts Twitter | 5.6k followers


Stelios Twitter


The StockLock Trading Alerts account is owned and managed by Stelios Stylianou. Stelios specializes in day trading. He is ready to share his knowledge and experience after more than ten years of profitable transactions.

Over the years he has perfected trading strategies that he still uses in his trades. They are all simple, and Stelios’ mission is to teach novice traders how to use them for profitable trading.

Stelios is very active on Twitter, and any enthusiast in trading can follow his account. It offers links to free training courses and webinars to help those who want to start trading. Stelios also regularly provides screenshots of his statements so that visitors could see that his trades are authentic.

Some tweets here share links to useful resources for novice traders, including the StockLock Discord server and educational masterclasses.

If you are a novice trader join StockLock Trading Twitter for profitable trading

Ali Biggz Twitter| 900 followers

Ali Biggz Twitter

Ali Biggz is a day trading mentor from Canada, and even though he has relatively little experience in day trading at just two years, he wants to provide beginners with the essential knowledge on how to avoid mistakes that he used to make.

The most popular format of Ali’s tweets is a screenshot of his daily trading results, a small recap of trades and a link to a video with a more detailed recap of a trading day.  Ali uses his day trading charts as a clear demonstration of his success and explains every detail simply and clearly.

His Twitter account also features trading signals and notifications, as well as daily trading tips. One of the primary recommendations is always planning trades and acting according to this plan.

Join Ali Biggz Twitter to avoid trading mistakes 

Warrior Trading Twitter | 52k followers

Warrior Trading Twitter

Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading, uses Twitter as a platform for financial news and promotion of his free and premium trading services.

Ross seeks to provide knowledge on how to choose stocks to trade and managing risks by determining safe entries based on proven charts.

On this Twitter page Ross often presents his ideas and comments regarding stock trading. Live photos, graphs, and charts usually support his analysis.

Join Warrior Trading Twitter to manage your trading risks

Jerremy Newsome Twitter| 3.6k followers

Jerremy Newsome Twitter

Jeremy Newsome is a trading mentor who founded a company called The Real Life Trading. His company provides educational, consulting, and networking services for stock traders of any level of expertise. The trading philosophy of Jerremy focuses on the use of algorithms in day trading along with proper preparation for trades and the application of proper strategies.

The most exceptional thing about this Twitter account is that it is both very personal but professional. Jeremy mostly tweets about his day trades, stocks to watch, trading tips, and Real Life Trading events.

There are also informative videos with brief and precise trading recommendations from Jeremy.

Feel free to follow Jeremy’s professional Twitter account

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