7 Best Day Trading Servers for Beginners

7 Day Trading Discord Servers for Beginners

In our hyperconnected world, trading the markets has become easier than ever. There are numerous ways to get connected to the information you need. However, we are going to focus on why a Discord trading server is a great choice when you want to trade.

Discord is an instant messenger with several functions to relay information in pictures, videos, voice, and text. The participants can take part in video conferences and chat live for even more effective trading.

Since there are other traders on the platform, it is a great way to meet stock trading mentors and a great way to learn day trading for beginners. The app versions work well on Android, iOS, and desktop browsers to provide a rich experience, as you source information about buying or selling stocks.

Let’s find out which top trading servers you should consider in your search.

United Traders

The United Traders day trading Discord server is a heaven for both new and professional traders. The idea here is to connect the experienced traders with the newbies so that the new traders can learn from the established ones. As for the pros, this presents a chance for them to hone their skills, since the picks they make directly impact their credibility.

The server has one rule, which is ‘Everyone helps each other out.’

With other rules in place to curb bad behaviour among other things, the server presents an opportunity for people to learn discipline while figuring out how trading works. A cursory look through the reviews left by the users shows stories of newbies who lost to the market before they knew about United Traders.

From how they describe it, the formula is the same everywhere. After a lot of learning and consistently following the advice of older helpful traders in a Discord day trading room, these new traders were able to turn things around.

The perfect reviews are all you need to know that the group is working. The channel offers trades of the day, lessons on analysis, methodology, and other pertinent information.


The Stocklock Discord trading server takes intensive training and instruction to a whole new level. It is the brainchild of Stelios Stylianou, who is an experienced and well-known trader with a reputable history.

He has a long record of sharing his knowledge with traders. On this server, you will feel at home whether you are new or experienced.

Before the markets open, Stylianou discloses his watchlist, which lets you know which stocks to pay attention to. With Stocklock, a lot of people have been able to learn, while earning stable incomes from day trading alone.

With the information provided in this Discord server, traders will be able to know which stocks Stylianou is tracking personally. Picking the brain of a day trading expert who has been in the game as long as he has is a great way to advance your own foray into the markets.

Boiler Room Trading

At the time of writing this, the server has more than 38,000 members, with great reviews about how much they have benefited from following the man behind this platform. Connor Pollifrone began investing when he was only eighteen and since he turned 20, he has been a full-time trader, focused on uncovering how the markets work.

The Boiler Room day trading Discord server was founded by him as a way to share the information that he has been able to amass during that time.

In addition to that, he has a wide array of courses that offer useful information about trading for those who want to learn the basics and foundations of trading the markets.

Boiler Room is a server worth considering, especially when you are on the premium package. With it comes some added value that includes information like daily live audio, daily stock watchlist, and a stream of stock scanners.

Finally, those who join will get to experience a mentorship that presents even more opportunities to study day trading for beginners.

Eagle Investors

Eagle Investors is perhaps one example of a community that grows to epic proportions, based on a good reputation and a community that cohesively works together to figure out the markets. At a total membership of 109,653 people, at the time of writing this, this server has one of the largest user bases featured on our list.

The server features several Discord day trading rooms to present watchlists, education, alerts, breaking news, and more. All of the content presented for the individuals to learn from is curated by a team of moderators who are well-trained in what the markets are like.

They do not have a ton of reviews like most other servers but with a community that large and growing, there is no doubt you will get value here as a trader. Eagle Investors is diversified and focuses on a wide range of markets including options, stocks, investing, trading and crypto.

Join one of the world’s premier day trading Discord servers and see for yourself just why it is one of the largest communities of traders.

Lambo money

You won’t find a more psyched community than the one built around Lambo Money. Here, you can find the help you need as a new trader. There is a lot to learn in terms of strategy as well, which this community offers.

There are some rules in this community. For instance, members are not allowed to isolate or single out other members from the “LAM FAM” to teach them, since it would defeat the purpose of this community. The administration also makes it clear that members are not allowed to pump a stock or scam people.

They also state that all call-outs made are the opinions of the administrator(s) and that there are no guarantees members will make money. It is standard for communities of this kind to have such rules governing a Discord day trading room.

Disrupting the community will get you promptly banned. If you want to learn in real-time while trading, you can join the Discord live trading sessions carried out by Lambo Money. There are Lambo Lessons that can definitely be useful and beneficial to your day trading career.

Penny Stocks Alerts

Penny Stocks Alerts is a Discord trading server focused on trading stocks that are under $10.00. If you are looking to trade such stocks, this is the home you are looking for. There is no need to worry if you are a beginner since most of what you do here is learn. The server makes it clear that it does not joke around or waste time.

There is a main server, which you can join by DM-ing the admin after reading #how-to-join-server. After that, you will be able to get your invite. The reason why there is a reception server and a main server that are separated, is to filter out trolls and people who want to ruin it for others.

Once you join, you will receive anywhere from 3 to 15 alerts daily, concerning market conditions. There are lessons and tips to help traders manage risk in every trade that they make. There is also an overnight and premarket watchlist. The goal, as the server states, is to find the hottest stocks to trade at the bell for runs of 100-300%, using information from stock trading mentors.

Market Masters

Market Masters is made up of Mini-Tradez, Flooded, and the Advanced Traders. They are the brains behind this learning platform. Right off the bat, the Discord server says that it is not a platform for offering financial advice, but a way to build a community of people who want to learn.

The mission statement says that there is a lot of money to be made in the markets, and with Market Masters, you can unlock that potential and educate yourself on the best ways to invest in a stock market that is always changing.

The trading trio that forms the team behind this server is well known for having a variety of talents that make them an effective combination. Mini-Tradez is considered one of the best in his field. His strategy is all about scalping stocks and crypto while swinging them once in a while.

Flooded is the master of swing trading and has a strategy that includes day trading and swings that are based on long-term approaches, rather than scalping. The subscriptions come in three tiers including Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual so you can choose a premium channel that works best for you.

Learn more to start trading!

The best way to learn day trading for beginners is to practice trading. In addition to that, there is nothing more important on your to-do list than educating yourself. That is why we offer and recommend free lessons that will let you know all you need to know about day trading.

Do you look forward to knowing more and increasing your gains? Get access to our free day trading educational courses by filling out the form.

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