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For day traders, investors, and ordinary traders, the most crucial factor standing in the way to your goal of beating the markets is information. As we say on Wall Street, information is the most valuable commodity.

How we get information

By having investigative journalists who have years of experience in the field and are always doing their best to reach their goals of providing readers with the most up-to-date, useful data and knowledge that is available in the market.

Who is it for

In different types of trading, and especially in stock day trading, many players and opinion leaders are hiding behind Twitter handles and secretive websites with no tracing available. We are here to examine the most interesting and intriguing stories to find out who are the players that influence the business the most.

We need your help

And support, in getting us the information as much as possible. We would be ever so grateful if you could assist us by providing any types of exposure of actions that take place under the surface. You can help us keep our finger on the pulse so the details are always up to date.