Ali Biggz Review

Ali Biggz is a Canadian trader with a personal Youtube channel about day trading called ABiggzHD. On this channel, Ali is documenting his path of becoming a day trading guru. He has been trading for over 1.5 years and, though he is just starting, it is a great opportunity for his subscribers to learn how to avoid mistakes that young traders usually make.

Ali Biggz Youtube Channel Review

The goal of ABiggzHD channel is to prevent young traders from blowing up huge amounts of money on their first trading accounts. Usually, beginner traders try to hold up, save their money, but tend to lose more than $10,000 of their initial investment. Ali calls it “market tuition” and he is eager to teach inexperienced traders how to lower this number as much as possible. It should be noted that Ali’s desire to give back to the community and help others is really enticing.

The content of the channel is mostly about helping beginner day traders grow, teaching them stock market fundamentals and technical analysis, including things like technical indicators, opening range breakouts, whole dollar breakouts, etc.

One of the most popular videos on this channel is about how to setup your day trading charts.  Usually, Ali has three charts opened on his screen: 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute. Level 2 and “time in sales” frames are also always open. Ali Biggz’s charts are pretty clean and simple because he uses mostly only VWAP, 9 or 20 EMA indicators.

But the most popular video on ABiggzHD is a success story of Ali Biggz taking Tradenet Trading Challenge  and winning $1300 net profit.

After Ali applied for the challenge, he got a demo trading account with $10,000 on it. According to the terms, he must have generated more than $500 dollars net profit by the end of the 5-day trading week.

Every morning of that trading week Ali sat down to explore pre-market an hour and a half before market open. He studied charts, news, and analytics reports to be able to understand his future moves. In the video, Ali Biggz gives credits to AJ from Awesome Calls Trading for sharing accurate pre-market notes and teaching him trading techniques that let him win this challenge.

Ali Biggz Twitter and Instagram Review

Ali Biggz’s Twitter already has over 500 followers and is mostly dedicated to the results of Ali’s trading activity. Besides screenshots of his account profits, which is an indicator of full transparency, you can find Ali’s stock picks and links to his Youtube blogs here.

Ali Biggz also has a very stylish Instagram account. It is full not only with trading results, unlike other traders’ accounts, but posts with motivation pictures and Ali’s personal photos. In addition to that, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle on this account makes Ali a role model for people who want to be not only rich but good-looking.

Ali Biggz Review Conclusion

The main thing that must be mentioned about Ali Biggz is that he sounds very motivational, without being overconfident or salesy. And this is what makes him different from other day trading mentors.

Despite the fact that Ali Biggz is just starting his career as a day trader and mentor, he is making really good progress in it because of his transparency and social conscience. Ali wants to help others and you can really feel it. You take him as a friend who understands and supports you on this difficult way to financial independence. He is there for you, overcoming the same obstacles and helping you achieve the same level of success.

That is why young traders should consider subscribing to Ali Biggs’s Youtube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram account.

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