Apple to release its video streaming service on Monday

Despite the late arrival to the market, Apple has announced that it will start its steaming service on Monday. However, many details remained to be discovered as Apple has not revealed much.

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Most details are yet to be exposed

The pricing level and the breadth of service were among the missing details. What can be expected is that the steaming service will be among the company’s TV apps, which should enable users to subscribe to their favorite channels and view personalized contents. Users will likely be able to view all videos from their steaming apps on Apple TV from a single service, which should be a convenient aggregation.

Apple may have spent $1 billion on original content in 2018

Additionally, users will likely be able to watch contents and videos that they can’t watch anywhere else, and which are only available on MacWorld. And access to the video streaming service may not be available to non-apple users. Some reports indicated that Apple’s expenditure on new contents may have reached $1 billion in 2018.

A discount is expected

According to some sources, Apple will likely give its subscribers a large discount, in addition to the 15 percent discount it already gives on some of its steaming services like Netflix, HBO, and others.

Access from a single location

Many major partnering companies are also unaware of the details much like the consumers. But news about Apple’s recent negotiations with partners reveals that the company may be thinking about aggregating different services in a single location and giving users universal access. This should give the giant company an edge over its rival Amazon. The service will likely include free contents as well.



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