What Is a Funded Account - Many companies are ready to provide traders with fully funded trading accounts. Not every trader has sufficient funds to start trading on exchanges. Companies are looking for traders that already have their own winning strategies and can use different trading tools to make a stable profit. As a rule, day traders must go through an assessment phase. In order to get a funded account and the right to use it for trading on exchanges, traders usually need to prove that they can trade successfully either using simulated accounts or by attending trading courses. After completing an evaluation phase, a trader may start earning from day one and obtain his share of the total profit.

Funded accounts are divided into several types according to the choice of assets being traded.

  • Funded stock trading accounts or funded day trading accounts are used for trading stocks and shares on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. As soon as a company makes a positive decision to provide a trader with an opportunity to use the company's funds, the trader can immediately start trading using this account with minimal risk.
  • Funded Forex trading accounts allow both beginning and experienced traders to trade on the foreign exchange market without risking their own capital. Newbies are recommended to complete a training course on Forex trading. Experienced traders can simply select the size of the funded account and start trading immediately.
  • Funded Futures trading accounts are used for trading contracts with fixed prices for future transactions. This is one of the world’s most active markets, which is suitable for those who are looking for quick trading opportunities. After being evaluated by a company, a trader can get a funded account in sized from $25,000 to $250,000.
  • A funded account to trade options permits is needed to avoid some usual difficulties related to the extensive process of opening a personal trading account. First, quite a large sum is needed for trading. Then, a trader needs approval in terms of both margin and options privileges. Lastly, every broker will need to know the trader’s skills and expertise. With the assistance of a specialized company, a trader can get a fully-fledged and funded account to trade options

How to Become a Funded Futures Trader Today

To fully  gain access to a funded account, traders that specialize in futures have to prove their ability to earn a profit. A winning strategy is also needed  that is adapted to the futures market. Traders should understand risk management and establish consistency with their trading styles. For profitable traders, a funded futures account means an opportunity to buy assets for the company's money and reap the most out of the earned profit.

How Can I Open a Trading Account?

Since 2000, trading accounts have been opened and conducted online. First of all, an agreement with a stock broker is needed. A trader must then fund his trading account with a credit card, Paypal or another suitable payment method. By using a personal trading account, a trader can place, buy and sell orders online or use the assistance of a stock broker to trade assets. It is also possible to open a free funded trading account with the help of specialized companies.

Pros and Cons of a Funded Account


  1. One of the main benefits of funded accounts is the opportunity to trade using large sums of money. Equity in fully funded trading accounts may be increased up to $250,000. This is also a solution for a mandatory capital requirements for day traders in some stock markets.
  2. An accelerated size growth is often used for funded accounts. It means that a trader gets an account with an initial fund, and the company will then increase it each time a trader shows positive results when trading. In this way, one of the most profitable account growth schemes is applying for funded accounts. When trading with support from firms, a trader may have access to institutional-grade software, that is also used by professional traders.


A disadvantage of funded accounts may be the growing dependence on the company that is offering the account. The company has to oversee a trader’s activity every stage of trading. The company may also fix its fee, which is typically expressed in a percentage of the total profit. This interest can vary depending on the trader’s expertise and profit.

How to Choose the Best Funded Trader Program?

First and foremost, a trader should learn what is available on the Internet related to this issue. Many trading providers offer training courses and webinars to assist traders in getting started. Information on themed forums and chat rooms can also be useful. It is recommended to explore a company as much as possible that provides services and training programs for future funded traders. Below you can find a number of reliable companies that have been working successfully with funding and educational services for traders.

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