Best Day Trading Youtube Channels That Will Improve Your Trading Skills

In the world of day trading, each online trading personality has their own take on how to trade on the stock market and have gained followers.  One may ask: How did once unheard of trading “mentors” become so popular and found their own companies? That question is easy to answer. It was Youtube with its ability to self promote, teach and learn.

Today we are highlighting seven of the most recognizable day trading Youtube channels and their hosts. The specific focus of which are their methods and the advice they give freely to allow others to become more successful at day trading.

Best Day Trading Youtube Channels

Transparent Traders Youtube Channel | 3.6k subscribers

Transparent Traders is the company founded by a day trading mentor James Mason. Their channel is not only a host to Transparent Traders’ free trading course and James Mason’s Live Trades but also a venue for stock watch-lists, trading strategy tips, and trading platforms tutorials.

Transparent Traders course is pretty popular as videos, like “Level 2 | What is level 2 and how to use it” get more than 10,000 views, which is quite significant for a day trading vlogger.

By the way, Transparent Traders course is very well-structured as it is divided into two playlists based on two different styles of trading. You can also find playlists of the stock options trading course and live stock market trades there.

Nowadays, James is more focused on stock picks videos that he uploads a few times per month. In these videos, he enumerates the stocks that he picked for that specific day and explains why he chose them. This type of presentation is meant to teach novice traders to make the right choices while looking for the best stocks to day trade.

Trading with Flash Youtube Channel | 2.1K  Subscribers

The Trading with Flash Youtube channel is hosted by the founder of the Trading With Flash company, Jordan Hogan. His Youtube channel is focused primarily on providing day trading course reviews, tips, and trading platform reviews.

His reasons for hosting this day trading Youtube channel is to let other day traders know common mistakes that he made when he first started day trading.

One of his most popular videos is a review of Ricky Guitierrez: Learn, Plan Profit Course. He also uploads multiple videos on stock trading on a weekly basis.

The Trading with Flash Youtube playlist is divided into two review categories. The first playlist category contains detailed reviews of day trading courses from other day traders. The second playlist category contains useful tips as well as reviews of current day trading platforms. He tries to give his biggest tips regarding most aspects of trading, full reviews of different stock trading courses and see if they are of value or not.

Warrior Trading Youtube Channel | 421K subscribers

Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading, primarily uses this Youtube channel for live trading sessions, tips, reviews recaps, and his challenge videos.

The Warrior Trading Youtube channel playlists are divided into several categories.

They have categories about recaps, futures trading, tips, hot stock watchlist, options and swing trading, live trading sessions and challenge videos.

These categories can be further narrowed into Trading (futures, options, swing, watchlist, live sessions), Reviews (courses, platforms, recaps) and Educational content.

His most popular video at the moment is his momentum day trading video titled: Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for Beginners: Class 1 of 12, which is actually part of his training course. This videos currently has over 5.5 million views.

His second most popular is called: How to Day Trade a Small Account from $1k to $8,653.16 in 1 Month, with over 1.6 million views.

The Warrior Trading Youtube channel exists to promote free learning reviewing trades every day on YouTube in order to provide students free educational content. Their focus has been on the education and training segment of the day trading community.

Real Life Trading Youtube Channel | 21K Subscribers

Real Life trading was founded by Jeremy Newsome. Their Youtube channel offers live trading sessions, advice and tips, reviews, strategies, and some free educational day trading content. The Real Life Trading Youtube channel is self-described as a provider of educational services to the day trading community.

Their Youtube channel also offers reviews on trading platforms, discount offers for their courses and challenges. The playlists offered on offer are extensive but can be broken down into several categories.

The first category is educational services which is where you will find content such as beginning traders, mentorship, strategies, day trading systems and methods, financial fundamentals.

The second category is reviews and this section details reviews of educational courses, platforms, recaps, and live trading sessions.

The third category is dedicated to their webinars

The most popular video from Real Life Trading is Day Trading with Weekly Options which garnered 84K views.

The second most viewed video on their Youtube channel was: An Insanely Simple Moving Average Strategy which received 70K views.

The Real Life Trading Youtube channel to be as precise as possible is as real as it gets.  This is coming from someone like Jeremy Newsome who has already done his time in the day trading trenches.

TrickTrades Youtube Channel | 8.4K subscribers

Trick Trades is a provider of educational day trading services that was founded by Patrick Mitchell and posts new video content on its  Youtube channel every Tuesday. Their Youtube channel on day trading features videos on trading setups, platforms, trading strategy as well as offering videos on day trading in Spanish.

This day trading Youtube channel has been active since 2015. The focus of the Trick trades Youtube Channel is to provide free educational content to traders, through their videos on long/short setups; charts, scans and platform setups; how to on funded accounts and TEFS.

They also offer Live streams that are called Trick Talk, member recap videos and a drone vlog. They also offer educational content related to day trading and setups as well as videos dedicated to their Spanish speaking viewers.

The most popular video on their youtube channel is Tim Grittani Webinar with TrickTrades “Full Version”, which has had 40K views.

In the world of day trading, you may find some people that purport to know what they are doing. The Trick Trades Youtube channel and Patrick Mitchel do no such thing. Instead of telling you they show you and take you along on their trading journey.

StockLock Youtube Channel | 1.8K Subscribers

The StockLock Youtube channel has been around since 2016 and is hosted by the founder of Stock Lock trading, Stelios Stylianou.

The StockLock Youtube channel is extensive and features live trading sessions, recaps, reviews tips and some free educational content. The StockLock Youtube channel also has videos that provide tips and advice geared to novice day traders as videos related to day trading strategy.

The most popular video on the StockLock Youtube Channel is: How to make $1581 profit in 50 minutes trading stocks which has been viewed 9,900 times.

The StockLock Youtube Channel and its founder and host Stelios Stylianou are experienced in the world of day trading.  Although their video selection is not as well organized as other sites they are informative and quite detailed.

AbiggzHD  Youtube Channel | 281 subscriber

The AbiggzHD Youtube channel was established in 2018 and is hosted by Ali Biggz.  The ABiggzHD Youtube channel is best known for the quality of the videos on his Youtube Channel. It serves as a platform to assist traders by providing in-depth tips and advice to his youtube subscribers.

The Biggz HD Youtube channel provides content such as tips, advice and mentoring.  It also provides videos on topics such as day trading recaps, beginner day trading tips, momentum stocks and his $500 day trading small account challenge.

The playlist for the ABiggzHD Youtube channel is pretty organized and can be easily broken down into two categories.

The first category is education (Beginner Day Trading 101 – How To Trade Stocks, Momentum stocks), Recaps (Live Trading sessions) and Challenges ($500 Day Trading Small Account Challenge).

Ali Biggz while relatively new to the day trading scene as a mentor has certainly garnered attention. This has largely been due to the methods he uses to explain day trading to beginning traders.

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