Biotech Breakouts Review

Biotech Breakouts is a trading service for discerning traders who aim to make serious returns using biotech stocks. It was created by Kyle Dennis, a successful entrepreneur from California, USA. He noticed the significant growth of biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies many years ago and decided to use this sector to increase profit by trading these shares. He wanted to assist novice traders to achieve perfect results in trading niche stocks, based on his own experience.

Biotech Breakouts Review

Biotech Breakouts is a good start for beginners. Middle-level traders can also get much from the professional trader who has managed to earn millions. His strategies are focused on the analysis of models and their use to maximize profits. This service can provide users with tons of information related to biotech stocks and the particular methods of how to trade them successfully. The full mentoring program, Nucleus, gives access to live communication with Kyle Dennis.

Who is Kyle Dennis?

Kyle Dennis is a self-made expert in the trading business. He graduated from the University of California with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2013. When he learned about the huge potential of trading assets on the stock market, he focused on experimenting with stocks in the biotech sector. At the same time, Jason Bond, a trading and teaching guru, became Kyle’s mentor. So, Kyle Dennis started to trade on stock exchanges with only $15,000 of his savings, and he managed to turn this sum into a million dollars in less than a year.

Jason Bond recognized Kyle as one of the most successful traders that has graduated from the Mastermind Initiative training program. Kyle was invited to assist in teaching Jason Bond’s followers. Soon, Kyle Dennis launched his own trading service with a specialization in stocks issued by biotech companies.

Kyle used to make many inspiring video lessons and webinars related to trading in this particular niche. He then, wrote the Middle-Class Millionaire book and founded Biotech Breakouts. Kyle Dennis’s encouraging story has become an inspiration to many traders worldwide.

Biotech Breakouts Service

Biotech Breakouts is a consulting resource dedicated to trading stocks in the biotech sector. This useful service has provided traders with perfect and tangible results. After its launch, many respected financial online resources distinguished it as an efficient service for stock traders.

The results of Kyle’s lucrative trades are regularly presented on this website. This system does not work automatically to trade stocks. Users have to open their own brokerage account to be able to trade these assets on stock exchanges.

Kyle Dennis has developed his smart trading strategy, and he is ready to share it with all trading enthusiasts using his Biotech Breakouts platform. This strategy consists of finding those stocks that possess high-quality catalysts based on technical analysis to determine the best entry and exit positions.

Free Educational Training

Free educational materials and information sections are available on the Biotech Breakouts website. Users can find special reports, watch lists, and video lessons typically from 15 to 30 minute in length. These videos showcase Kyle’s research process, his strategy, and methodology. The personal blog is also free for traders who are interested in improving their financial knowledge in the biotech markets.


The four-stage membership in programs starts at only $99 per year. It is one of the most reasonably priced for stock training programs available at present for best value. However, the service does not offer any free trials. Once a user makes a payment, it will not be refunded under any circumstances, and the membership can be cancelled at any time. The membership with Biotech Breakouts assumes a selection of one of four different programs, which are Sniper Reporting Service, Insider FDA Notifications, Option Rocket, and Nucleus.

Sniper Report

This program is designed mostly for swing stocks traders and for those who don’t have too much time to invest in stocks and trading. The goal is to focus on transactions with a planned return from 100 to 300 percent. For that, traders are provided with entry and exit price alerts, initial stop and loss targets, and research of trading concepts with every day updating. The program is available for $99 per year.

FDA Insider Alerts

By using this program, a trader may learn how to determine the best stocks to trade before their significant movements in the long term. Subscribers get access to FDA daily watch lists of upcoming catalyst events, text and email alerts, and fully effective and practical recommendations from experts. Tutorials and library are provided to improve the user’s understanding of trading biotech stocks. FDA Insider Alerts costs $399 for three months, with billing four times a year to the credit card.

Option Rocket

Traders can follow this program and significantly increase their profits regardless of their skill level. It is intended audience is users who simply do not have much time or opportunity to stay at their laptops all day. This high-precision option trading service can be convenient for participants with both small and large accounts. In addition to detailed reports, portfolio follow-ups, and a video library, traders can also get alerts via email and text messages. The Rocket option is priced at $1,497 to be paid once a year.


The Nucleus program is suitable for users with any level of trading skills. This program is the best way to get benefits from Kyle’s trading experience and skills. It is based on the live mentorship of Kyle Dennis, who shares his trading suggestions and screen shots of his broker account every day.

The program comes with additional features, such as private mentoring using chat and email, and an opportunity to chat with other Nucleus program members, live streaming versions of Kyle’s trades, and everyday recommendations. As well as this, traders receive access to watch lists, video portfolio summaries, and so on. The use of this program will cost at least $ 1,600 annually.

Customer Services

Whatever service you select, you will get full and unhindered access to online educational materials 24/7. Kyle Dennis and his support team can be contacted using phone or email. However, the company has no online chat for users except Nucleus program members. Customer support officers claim that they are always in touch and quickly react.

Social Media and FAQ

Users can find the company’s profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many videos about Kyle Dennis, his project, and programs can be found on YouTube. The FAQ section on the website has many answers to often asked questions.

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