CME Group Trading Challenges

The essence of day trading challenges is that registered individuals and teams of participants have to demonstrate their ability to trade successfully. These competitions help beginners to better understand how to trade live with in the world’s leading exchanges.

Participating in these trading challenges allows participants to utilize a combination of live training, online learning, and simulating trades using real market data. Trading challenges can last from five days up to one month.

When participants are competing with other traders, they learn more about stocks, futures, and derivatives operations in order to apply their knowledge and skills acquired during practice.

On the other hand, organizers of these competitions can select participants from among the most promising traders for further activities on the stock exchanges. As a rule, most winners receive cash prizes and a real fully funded trading account, which they can use to then make real transactions on the stock market.

Trading Challenges Offered by the CME Group

The CME Group is the world’s largest exchange for trading futures, options, and derivatives. Today, the CME Group allows traders and investors globally an opportunity to make long-term investments and short-term intra-day speculations with minimal cash outlay.

To draw attention to various tools of trading on this exchange, the Corporation offers different educational events to beginner traders.

The CME Institute, was created for this purpose and has launched a number of permanent trading competitions, such as open, private, public, and even “Trade against a Pro” challenges.

The CME Institute collaborates with different universities globally to develop the trading skills of students. In this way, educational institutions have an opportunity to enhance their training programs with real trading tasks to hone student knowledge of trading by utilizing a controlled modeled trade environment.

CME Group Challenge for Students

The CME Student Trading Challenge provides participants with an opportunity to learn how to effectively manage risks and use the tools provided for successful trading in each large class of assets. Registered teams consisting of 3 to 5 enrolled students can compete for four weeks for cash prizes and be a part of a unique trading experience.

This annual trading competition has been organized since 2016, and hundreds of student teams from dozens of countries have taken part in it . Trades using demo accounts are carried out in futures and options based on interest rates, stock indices, foreign currency, energy resources, agricultural goods, metals, real estate, and even weather indices. According to the challenge terms, the winning teams are determined by the final account balance at the end of the trading challenge.

The teams use the CQG integrated client trading platform to complete transactions. Access is also provided by technical analysis and trading software. At the end of three rounds (practice, preliminary, and final), the winning teams are selected based on accumulated profits and students’ adherence to trading methods.

The best five teams receive cash prizes. Every student of the winning team receives $1,500 for the first place. $1,000 and $750 are granted per student for the second and third places, respectively. Each participant of the first-place winning team also gets air tickets and three days of accommodation in Chicago to participate in the CME event of market education.

Unfortunately, data related to the dates of future trading competitions have  not been made available this year. Many students and trading enthusiasts have been waiting for the opportunity to try their hands at  trading financial derivatives. It would be nice if CME Group could conduct these challenges this year or in the near future.

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