Day Trading Reviews

StockTwits Review

StockTwits is a social network designed as a useful service for traders and investors alike. This short messaging platform is similar to Twitter, but it is more adapted to the needs of stock traders regarding current information and real-time communication. It also has additional features suitable for financial market enthusiasts

GuruFocus Review

The GuruFocus website was created in 2014 by Charlie Tian. Initially, the platform tracked the purchases and sales of different assets made by the most profitable investors, such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Overview is an online resource that provides online financial news, commentaries, and analysis. The

Biotech Breakouts Review

Biotech Breakouts is a trading service for discerning traders who aim to make serious returns using biotech stocks. It was created by Kyle Dennis, a successful entrepreneur from California, USA. He noticed the significant growth of biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies many years ago and decided to use this sector to

Black Box Stocks Review

Black Box Stocks is a company founded in 2011 by Eric Pharis and has its data servers located close to the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC stock exchange to get around the inactivity and response issues in trading. Black Box provides software that mixes proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence that take

Dynamic Day Traders Review

Dynamic Day Traders is a company founded by Cody Seay in 2018.  The business focus of Dynamic Day Traders is the provision of trading educational services.  Their services provide market knowledge and trading expertise to clients in order to achieve financial success in day trading. Dynamic Day Traders describe themselves

United Traders Review

United Traders is a talented group of new traders that are teaming up to reach the mutual goal of improved returns and enlightened education in day trading. They work cooperatively to improve each other’s skills and knowledge. They want to be able to bring things to the table that provides

Kevin Timmer Review

In the world of day trading Kevin Timmer stands out not because he is tall but also because he is a Dutch day trader that has been making inroads online. Day trading in the E.U is something that is not really that popular due regulatory provisions but some traders are

ThinkOrSwim Brokerage Review

One of the founding members of the team, Tom Sosnoff, is a renowned options trader and is known for walking the talk, meaning he actively trades. The thinkorswim® platform showcases his extensive knowledge of equities and options trading strategies with advanced order entry, access to portfolio margins. T.D Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim®