Day Trading Reviews

Stock Phoenix Webinar Review

Stock Phoenix is a company headquartered in Chennai, India that provides educational trading services to the trading segment of the Indian market. The potential for growth in this market is large due to its huge population and Stock Phoenix has built quite a nice niche in this market for itself.

Trading with Flash Review

Trading with Flash was founded by trading mentor Jordan Hogan and is a company that bases its services around trading education for day traders. They provide courses that are offered online, reviews and mentorship. The primary focus of this company is the potential day trader that may need training to

Real Life Trading Review

Real Life Trading was started by a trading mentor Jeremy Newsome as a company that provides educational trading services, advice and networking to stock traders of every experience level. Jeremy is a staple in the day trading community and his YouTube channel currently has 21K subscribers. Jeremy Newsome Profile Jeremy’s

TechnoBud Solutions Review

In the world of day trading some Traders understand the concept of diversification and none know it better than the founder and CEO of Technobud Solutions, Ricky Gutierrez.  Technobud was founded by Gutierrez in 2016 along with some fellow classmates at Arizona State University that identify themselves as having “a

Team Elite Trading Review

Team Elite Trading was founded by a day trader James Austin in 2015 when he was just a junior in high school in San Diego California. In order to start his company, he set a goal for himself and began by hustling together $2,000 over a  few weeks by buying

Trick Trades Review: trading educational services

Trick Trades is a day trading educational services provider that specializes in providing fee for service products to their clients largely in the day trading community.  It was founded by Patrick Mitchel, its current CEO, in 2017. Their primary focus is the provision of day trading education to prospective traders

Elite Investments Review

Elite Investments was started by a Spanish-speaking trader Boris Aguilar Bustamante who started trading at the age of 26, spurred on by a veteran American trader that saw potential in the young man and his capabilities. It offers trading courses and free advice and consulting services to novice trades. Boris

Transparent Traders Review

Transparent Traders is a day trading company founded by James Mason. Their website offers a host of information to both novice and seasoned traders.  Most of the information provided by their company is educational and mentor-driven such as stock picks or free introductory courses. James Mason as a Founder of