Day Trading Stocks to Watch for 08/21/19

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Wednesday, August 21.

Pinduoduo Inc (PDD) Stock Watch Today

$PDD- Pinduoduo Inc on the yearly chart is in a bullish upward trend.  Today, August 21st, they released earnings and currently are gapping up by 4 points. I would look for $PDD to pullback today since it’s beyond its ATR.

PDD Historical Stock Price

Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS) Stock Watch Today

$WKHS- Workhorse Group has made an impressive upward swing over the last few months.  Currently, it’s struggling on the daily chart. Today it’s opening with a slight gap up, but it’s gapping up to a resistance at $4. Its support is currently $3.73. I would look for $WKHS to start down-trending.

WKHS Historical Stock Price

Avaya Holdings Corp (AVYA) Stock Watch Today

$AVYA- Avaya Holdings has been experiencing unusual price activity lately over the rumor for a buyout. With any rumor, you should always remain skeptical, but none the less this one has been interesting to watch and I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see if the buy out become true or not.

AVYA Historical Stock Price

James Mason

James Mason

I am a momentum day trader who mostly trades large cap stocks. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade.


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