Day Trading Stocks to Watch for 09/09/19

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Monday, September 09.

Netflix Inc (NFLX) Stock Watch Today

$NFLX – Netflix on the daily chart is looking like it’s found a bottom around the $290 range. The daily MACD is currently green with the daily candlesticks being oversold. I would look for $NFLX to start making a bullish move soon.


NFLX Historical Stock Price

Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) Stock Watch Today

$LVS– Las Vegas Sands Corp is a little overbought right now. I would expect $LVS to break the $56.80 range briefly before it goes into a selloff on the daily chart. If you look at its past, it doesn’t really hangout for long in the overbought ranges.


LVS Historical Stock Price

Nielsen Holdings PLC (NLSN) Stock Watch Today

$NLSN– Nielsen is another ticker that doesn’t like to hang around in the overbought ranges on the daily chart. Based on $NLSN past performance I would expect this ticker to trend up slightly, and then drop in value.

NLSN Historical Stock Price

James Mason

James Mason

I am a momentum day trader who mostly trades large cap stocks. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade.


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