Day Trading Stocks to Watch for 10/7/2019

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Monday, October 7.

GoPro Inc. (GPRO) Stock Watch Today

$GPRO- GoPro has struggled overall over the last year.  Recently $GPRO had a gap down and started pushing through the bottom bollinger band line.  The MACD has reversed on the daily chart also.  I’m looking for $GPRO to continue down for another 1-2 days and hit $3.75 before it starts to consolidate.


GPRO Historical Stock Price


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    RingCentral Inc (RNG) Stock Watch Today

    $RNG- Ring Central gapped up on 10/4/19 session and ran up to $169.58.  If $RNG can hold above the VWAP on the 5 minute chart, I would look for it to test that $169 range again.


    RNG Historical Stock Price

    Solaredge Technologies Inc. (SEDG) Stock Watch Today

    $SEDG- Solaredge Technologies appears to be setting up for a reversal on the daily MACD with its crossover on the middle Bollinger band line.  I’m looking for a bullish run up to $87.80, it currently has a support of $85.


    SEDG Historical Stock Price

    James Mason

    James Mason

    I am a momentum day trader who mostly trades large cap stocks. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade.


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