Day Trading

5 Tips that Will Help you be in the 10% that makes money day trading

5 Tips that Will Help you be in the 10% To succeed in the financial markets as a day trader, one needs to have some qualities that make it easier to trade without losing too much money. Education and online communities When someone asks: why do most day traders lose

What is the Best Time Frame For Day Trading? Find Out What to Use in 2021

How to Choose the Best Charts Frame For Day Trading When it comes to day trading, it’s important to have a visual representation of every movement on the trade as they happen. This is why learning and understanding different chart time frames is important. Time frames in day trading are

What is Algo Trading? All You Need to Know in 2021

Early man had to walk or ride on animals to get from one place to another. Then, the wheel was invented, and suddenly, travel became a lot easier and faster. Slowly, the steam engine, cars, and airplanes were invented, each making travel that much faster and rendering the previous version

Scalping in Day Trading – All You Need to Know

The scalping trading strategy is a high-energy, high-frequency style of trading that leverages the opportunities to make small profits rapidly, and accumulate a decent amount of money in the shortest period possible. This trading style brings in profit or loss from small price changes. Scalping in day trading requires a

5 Reasons Why 90% of Beginner Traders Lose Money

You have heard the stories of traders losing money in the markets for a variety of reasons. There are many reasons given to explain what happens but what they usually don’t tell you, is that up to 90% of day traders lose money. Why does this happen and how can

What’s More Profitable For Day Trading: Forex Or Stocks?

What’s More Profitable For Day Trading: Forex Or Stocks? When it comes to day trading, two of the most popular assets which many experts like to trade are currencies on the forex market and stocks on the stock market. Many people find it difficult to decide which asset is a

Pros and Cons of Stock Trading with Leverage

What Is Leverage in Day Trading? Leveraged trading, also known as margin trading, is a type of trading which is based on opening trading positions on the financial markets with the use of a small amount of capital with the possibility to take larger positions in the market. Leveraged trading

The Most Shorted Stocks in UK in 2021

The Most Shorted Stocks in UK 2021 Investors and day traders who short stocks aim to make gains when the stock loses value. They are expecting the price of the stock to fall so they essentially predict against it. Shorting a stock is a little more involved than buying a