Day Trading Challenge

Win 14000 Funded Account

Win a free $14,000 funded account – are you good enough? Almost anyone can trade a funded account without risking his own money. All you need to do is to successfully pass the five day challenge and prove you have what it takes to become a successful trader. If you

World Series of Day Trading: A New Day Trading League 2021

A new competition is going to take place in the very near future that may surpass all others in the world of day trading due to its scope and participation level. It is called the World Series of Day Trading. The World Series of Day Trading is huge, both in

CME Group Trading Challenges

The essence of day trading challenges is that registered individuals and teams of participants have to demonstrate their ability to trade successfully. These competitions help beginners to better understand how to trade live with in the world’s leading exchanges. Participating in these trading challenges allows participants to utilize a combination

Warrior Trading 100k Challenge Review

Starting in January 2017 Ross Cameron, founder of Warrior Trading, challenged himself by trading with a small account. He would start 2017 with $583.15 and planned to spend 2017 growing it to $100k. I believe Ross Cameron at Warrior Trading is the first trader I am aware of who had

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge

In the world of day trading a relatively new phenomenon has emerged,  the day trader challenge. The explanation is simple: various online companies challenge participants to trade utilizing a demo account over an extended period of time with defined rules and the winner to be determined by the most profits