Day Trading

Financial education is a must in 2021

Financial education is a must in 2021 Regardless of your risk taking tendencies, there is one factor that we all should take into consideration throughout our careers and lives – our finances. In today’s world, as savings accounts and other conservative financial instruments bring little to no return, a prudent

Win 14000 Funded Account

Win a free $14,000 funded account – are you good enough? Almost anyone can trade a funded account without risking his own money. All you need to do is to successfully pass the five day challenge and prove you have what it takes to become a successful trader. If you

Do You Know The Most Profiting Hours For Day Traders?

The stock market is very fluid and equally offers day traders with numerous stimulating opportunities. From a general perspective, day traders buy and sell shares of different companies that are part of the stock market. Trading on news and company events are some of the features that allow traders to

World Series of Day Trading: A New Day Trading League 2021

A new competition is going to take place in the very near future that may surpass all others in the world of day trading due to its scope and participation level. It is called the World Series of Day Trading. The World Series of Day Trading is huge, both in

Learn How to Avoid Penny Stock Alerts Scams

Currently, many different kinds of notifications related to the stock market are considered trendy, be it announcements on stock price fluctuations or alerts on penny stocks. All traders wonder which stocks are best to buy. Though, very often such mailings look like advertisements promising high profits with minimal risks. Various

Four Day Trading Mentors You Want to Learn From

The world of day trading has its own communities and networks, platforms and servers.  In this larger community of day traders, a few have stood out, as mentors, teachers and advisors. In this article, we will be examining five day trading mentors that have been brought to our attention for

What is CFD Trading and How Does it Work (with Examples)

CDF (Contract for Difference) is an agreement on exchange the difference in the value of a specific asset from the moment when the position is opened to the moment of its closing. This contract for difference is a form of a financial agreement between two parties, i.e. a buyer and

Best Day Trading Youtube Channels That Will Improve Your Trading Skills

In the world of day trading, each online trading personality has their own take on how to trade on the stock market and have gained followers.  One may ask: How did once unheard of trading “mentors” become so popular and found their own companies? That question is easy to answer.