Day Trading

How to Master Your Day Trading Cryptocurrency Strategy

Cryptocurrency usually indicates a set of decentralized digital coins, the creation, and control of which are based on cryptographic and mathematical methods. Bitcoin is the first and most known cryptocurrency. Over the past years, a huge amount of altcoins has been created based on similar principles. The functional principles of

CME Group Trading Challenges

The essence of day trading challenges is that registered individuals and teams of participants have to demonstrate their ability to trade successfully. These competitions help beginners to better understand how to trade live with in the world’s leading exchanges. Participating in these trading challenges allows participants to utilize a combination

4 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow to Improve Your Day Trading Skills

Timely and reliable information about interesting tickers, actual news or just practical thoughts of experienced traders is never excessive. This issue is especially relevant to traders who work from home and may miss opportunities to communicate with colleagues. Many successful traders have their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social

Warrior Trading 100k Challenge Review

Starting in January 2017 Ross Cameron, founder of Warrior Trading, challenged himself by trading with a small account. He would start 2017 with $583.15 and planned to spend 2017 growing it to $100k. I believe Ross Cameron at Warrior Trading is the first trader I am aware of who had

Telegram vs. Discord: Which Is Better for Day Trading and Why

Today, messengers play a significant role in our everyday lives. They have replaced SMS communication and become a new standard of message exchange using smartphones, tablets or laptops. These apps can simultaneously work on several devices in real-time. Both Telegram and Discord messengers are convenient, and free bot platforms and

How to Make Money with Bitcoin in Day Trading

Bitcoin at present has gained popularity as the best and most profitable cryptocurrency in the world. More and more people are buying and selling it every day. Bitcoin is extremely simple to use and completely anonymous. It usually takes a few minutes to create a bitcoin wallet and start using

Risk Management System in Trading

As a trader, your goal should not be to make the most amount of money in a single trading day, but rather, to cut losses to a minimum. This mentality can help protect a trader’s account. Many people have struggled to implement a proper risk management system in trading and

Funded Trading Account

When it comes to trading in the exchange market, nobody is immune to financial losses. Sometimes the situation in the stock market changes so abruptly and quickly that a trader has not had the time to react to it. The stock prices can quickly turn the opposite direction at any