Day Trading

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge

In the world of day trading a relatively new phenomenon has emerged,  the day trader challenge. The explanation is simple: various online companies challenge participants to trade utilizing a demo account over an extended period of time with defined rules and the winner to be determined by the most profits

New Ways to Make Money Online: Anti-Competition & Slander in Day Trading

I’ve recently become aware of a phenomenon online partly through my somewhat limited experience as a stock day trader online. What I am talking about is the anti-competitive practices that online companies use in order to make money by using slander (spoken legal term) and anticompetitive practices. The overall goal

3 Day Trading Discord Servers To Watch Out for 2019

We have recently published a review of Top 5 Day Trading Discord Servers. Check out 3 BONUS trading Discord servers that you should definitely join. United Traders Discord Server (7k members) United Traders is a modern financial and training company that aims to unite newbies and experienced traders by enabling them

Day Trading As A Source Of Income

Day trading can be a very profitable undertaking if you understand the risks and techniques involved. Professional day traders can even use day trading as a regular source of income. While this seems like a nice idea, it is important to keep in mind that day trading is risky, and

Day Trading Chat Rooms Reviews 2021

Live trading rooms are a great way for aspiring day traders and experienced traders alike to see experts do real trades in real time. Tuning in to see experienced market analysts try to turn a profit by applying practical day trading techniques and strategies is one of the best ways

Day Trading Leverage Strategy

Two ideas that are very important to the world of day trading are margin and leverage. Taking the time to understand these concepts will make it easier to understand the options at your disposal as a day trader. Margin is a loan given by a broker which allows the trader

Mentors Day Trading and Education

You think you can learn day trading pretty quick?  Well, you definitely can’t. Consider being more productive! Many people, including you, were probably exposed to some day trading success video of a “mentor” who just earned $5,570 in 2 hours and want to sell you another education package. Naturally, the

How Stop Loss Rules Protect Day Traders

Day trading can be very complex and risky. There are plenty of pitfalls that can get the best of inexperienced traders, but there are also a lot of tools we have at our disposal as day traders to help us overcome the risks involved. One of the most important tools