Discord as a day trading platform

Discord is an online platform that was originally designed for video gaming communities. It has become popular among day traders after adding video calling and screen sharing features in 2017.

Traders create Discord servers to share their educational materials, send stock alerts, conduct live trading sessions and give birth to big trading networks.

Day trading Discord servers explained

Within a server, traders can create channels (aka “rooms”) under different categories. They could be free or paid, text- or voice-based.

The majority of trading servers offer a wide variety of free trading rooms for forex, crypto, penny stocks traders, etc.. Some of these rooms are not even related to day trading.

It is paid rooms where the real action happens and that is why people charge a fee before letting anyone in. Once you gain access, you are exposed to the diversity of perks: real-time live audio chat with a mentor, real-time mentor’s desktop screen share, 1:1 mentorship and more. Types of these benefits depend on the server and its moderators.

An obvious alternative to such an interactive platform is Youtube, but it doesn’t give you that much control over your community as Discord does.

There are many Discord servers out there. Choose the best ones

It takes only 5 minutes to create a server for a day trading mentor who has just heard about Discord. That is why so many traders do so and that is why it may be difficult to find the room that fits you most.

Then you should look for mentors with expertise in fields that slightly differ from yours. In many cases, one mentor will have experience in a few fields: stock trading, penny stock, options or CFD, etc.. It might be not very clear when you are only getting familiar with him, but you can understand it once you join his Discord server.

Discord lacks a built-in search panel for different servers out there. That is why some kind of deep research while looking for channels to join, is needed.

To make it easier for you, we compiled best day trading mentors Top 5 Discord Servers in one article.

How to join a day trading Discord server

Often, you can not just join some particular day trading Discord server — you need to be invited. It is a common practice even for free day trading servers. Sometimes, you may find a permanent link on Google, but it still will turn out to be expired.

If you have a hard time finding day trading Discord servers, feel free to Subscribe and get a list of suggested day trading Discord servers and mentors.

Day trading Discord servers we suggest
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