Four Day Trading Mentors You Want to Learn From

The world of day trading has its own communities and networks, platforms and servers.  In this larger community of day traders, a few have stood out, as mentors, teachers and advisors. In this article, we will be examining five day trading mentors that have been brought to our attention for their knowledge and commitment to the day trading community and the services that they offer.

Stelios Stylianou (StockLock Trading)


The first notable figure on our list is Stelios Stylianou who has been a stock trader for approximately 10 years and has a company called Stocklock Trading. His company offers Live trading videos, free chat room and a masterclass in stock trading.

The live trading videos are Youtube based and, according to his company’s website, offer a host of information from tips to advice for more seasoned traders.

This day trading mentor also has a free chatroom and watchlist where you can ask questions or keep abreast of stocks being traded, or stocks to watch out for. His master class known as the Stock lock-15 is designed to further enhance the capabilities of already seasoned traders and is available in 15 parts.

James Mason (Transparent Traders)

Transparent Traders is a day trading company founded by a day trading mentor James Mason. Their website offers a host of information to both novice and seasoned traders. Most of the information provided by their company is educational and mentor-driven such as stock picks or free introductory courses.

Transparent Traders is a company that networks stock traders of every experience level and promote themselves as a successful community of stock traders who believe in giving back to the trading community.

The services that Transparent Traders offer:

  1. free stock trading course
  2. daily stock picks section
  3. trading news and an alerts section focused on stock trading at large

James Mason engaged through his website or through his Facebook account. His Facebook account currently has 1.5K followers, while this day trading mentor’s Youtube channel currently has approximately 3.5K subscribers.

In my opinion Transparent Trader’s content is positive in general, his website offers a lot of information and advice and his social media lets you have a glimpse into the world of day trading.

Ross Cameron (Warrior Trading)

Warrior Trading was founded by a day trading mentor Ross Cameron as a start-up that provides skills development programs for aspiring traders and active investors. It was founded on the belief that the key to financial independence lies in education.

Their courses have evolved from the first lecture-based classes in 2014 to interactive online learning systems today in 2018 that offers trading courses for a fee from Beginner, to the Warrior Pro and Inner circle courses. They also have a specific course for beginners aptly named Warrior Starter as well as a free chatroom.

In terms of social media footprint Warrior Trading is well known in the day trading community. Warrior Trading’s YouTube channel has over 400K subscribers and is a venue for their training, educations and live trades. Warrior Trading offers a comprehensive list of services for the seasoned or uninitiated trader.

Connor Pollifrone (The Boiler Room Trading)

Since the age of 18 Connor has had a great passion for investing, personal finance, business and wealth. He has established his company Boiler Room Trading that caters to day trading education and trying to make others profitable in the world of day trading. His company offers a wide range of services to those interested in day trading.

Connor Polliphrone’s company offers a free day trading courses and a free chat as well as a Trading watchlist.  His company also has for fee service chat rooms and courses the delve more extensively into the world of day trading.


In terms of the Boiler Room Trading’s social media exposure is well cast.  He is active on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and instagram and even hosts a live chat on a Discord server. His Facebook hosts a Group and has 10K members that can post trades and share tips. His Youtube has approximately 77K subscribers and offers a venue for his live trading as well as his free training.  His instagram has about 6.7K followers and offers a space to post the days trades, alerts and profits and losses.  He also hosts a discord chat server that hosts 8.4K members who can chat on various trading subjects on his Discord server.


Day trading mentors presented in this article are but examples of the companies that have services to offer the day trading community. They are in essence a spectrum of what you can expect when getting into day trading and require some training or guidance.

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