Funded Trading Account

When it comes to trading in the exchange market, nobody is immune to financial losses. Sometimes the situation in the stock market changes so abruptly and quickly that a trader has not had the time to react to it. The stock prices can quickly turn the opposite direction at any time.

Everyone, even the most experienced trader, can make mistakes. There is also the case for slippages, program failures, and electricity outages that are not as rare. In these situations, market participants are not able to fully control their funds, and this may lead to significant losses. In this case, you might consider a funded trading account.

What is a funded trading account?

How can a trader protect his or her deposit from partial or total loss? A funded trading account is a great solution to getting started in trading on stock exchanges with minimal risks and no margin calls. In addition, a trader is provided with related training, courses, and educational material for traders who are consistently profitable.

A funded trading account allows stock trading with certain leverage ratios up to 100:1, which makes the trader’s buying power much more significant. At the same time, traders are not going to lose more than they initially invested in this funded trading account.

At present, many providers offer to purchase ready-made funded trading accounts. Any novice trader can pay approximately $500 to be eligible to start trading with around $15,000 on stock exchanges. Traders have funding options from $15,000 up to $250,000. In this case, a trader may become the owner of a fully funded trading account along with training material and access to a live chat room, webinars, and mentorship assistance.

How to Get a Free Funded Trading Account

Day trading mentors usually recommend that novices start with a demo account to practice making profitable trades for a week or two. A longer duration is not recommended, because in these cases traders tend to get used to feeling no risk.

Many mentors, such as James Mason, Jeremy Newsome, etc., provide offers when trading with a demo account for one week can get you a real free trading account. Although, they must be convinced that a beginner has every chance to become a successful trader. This offer is usually the essence of their day trading challenges. One such type of challenge providers is a day trading mentor and a Youtube rising star Ali Biggz.

Ali Biggz is a Canadian trader with a channel focused on day trading called ABiggzHD. He also provides mentorship and advice on Twitter and Instagram and is well-known in the day trading community. Ali offers traders a chance to win a fully-funded account by testing their mettle in his day trading challenge. In this challenge, you receive an opportunity to trade with a demo account for one week and if all daily loss limits and profit targets are met, you receive a prize of a real $14,000 funded trading account.

This is the optimal way to earn a free funded trading account, but you must be qualified enough to manage your risks properly and demonstrate personal winning strategies. So, you must be aware that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Who Should Use a Funded Trading Account

Not only beginner traders are able to use a funded trading account, but these accounts are also often included in the packages along with training programs for more experienced traders. Traders of every level and expertise can find something useful for themselves in terms of greater guidance, mentorship, training, and coaching.

The offerings for funded trading accounts are usually combined with other benefits. Traders can expand their asset-base by purchasing other trading products as needed. They are also able to withdraw their profits at any time and will not be charged for any wire fees or withdrawals over a set limit. Traders are also able to achieve their funding goals in a short time without the hidden fees or fine print. Advanced analytics and data will also assist any trader to become more successful while trading from home, their favorite coffee shop or any other place they so desire.

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