How to Start Day Trading With Discord

How to Start Day Trading with Discord

Discord is an incredible, user-friendly platform for day trading. It’s becoming a much-loved service for day traders, offering an instant messenger service with multifunctional private messaging and group communication capacities.

Discord works perfectly on Android, iOS devices and PC browsers. Finding an accessible platform for day trading can be challenging when you start to day trade, but Discord makes it simple. In this guide, you will learn how to use Discord in day trading and how to get the most benefits out of this platform.

Discord started as a service for gamers and quickly became popular. In 2017, traders began launching Discord trading servers, which promptly became the go-to place for finding trading education and trading services.

Today, there is a huge variety of Discord trading servers to choose from, some free and some paid. First, choose the theme of your Discord trading server based on what type of entities you usually trade. There are servers dedicated specifically to Forex, stocks, futures, ETFs and so on. Alternatively, there are servers that cover more than one type of trading and these are usually the largest ones.

Each Discord trading server offers access to various chats to suit the common interests of its members. Thus, learning how to day trade on Discord is accessible for all traders. Discord has opened up a community of peer-to-peer communication and 1:1 mentoring.

You can share your Discord day trading tips, discuss your wins and losses, add friends and chat about the market or anything relative to day trading. If you want to start day trading, choosing a day trading server on the Discord platform is a great beginning.

You can share educational materials you may have on day trading, and some Discord trading servers have hundreds of trading books available on their channel. In addition, you can join in daily live trading sessions and watch how the expert day traders work.

Most Discord trading servers offer daily day trading alerts, and many trading servers send out live signals before taking the trade, allowing you to trade in real-time.

One of the most time-consuming practices is searching for suitable stocks to trade if you are day trading stocks. Being part of a Discord trading server can save you many hours of research every week spent searching and analysing potential trades.

Some of the Discord trading servers have thousands of members, so the sense of community within a trading server is usually incredible. For instance, the United Trading Discord server has 20k members, the Boiler Room Discord server has over 7.5k members, and the Stocklock Trading Discord server has 4.5k members. We will discuss these three Discord trading servers later, but all of them are ideal for day trading for beginners.

What do you Need to Start Using Discord for Day Trading

  • Get the Discord App – download the app for free to your desktop, or you can access the app via the Google Play Store or Apple App store for mobiles and tablets
  • Create your Discord account – you provide your email address, date of birth and a username and password
  • Claim your Discord account – to enjoy all of the chat functions, you must verify your email address. If the email doesn’t arrive, click on the resend button in the orange banner. But check your spam box first.
  • Verify your phone number – in the My Account tab in user settings, click on the Add button next to the phone number section and add your telephone number

Once your Discord account is active, the next step is to search for day trading servers.

We recommend that you join an established and trusted Discord trading server, ideally one with a good base of members for Discord day trading.

Focus on finding a trading server with mentoring, daily tips and trade alerts. Most trading servers provide a service for day trading for beginners, so you can learn how to day trade on Discord.

Start Day Trading with Discord on these Reliable Servers

The below three established Discord Trading servers are ideal for novice and experienced day traders.

Stock Lock Trading

Stelios Stylianou is the brains behind the Stock Lock Trading server. Known for his impressive social media presence, Stelios wants to help other traders learn how to create a stable income from day trading.

Before the market opens, Stelios shares his trading watch list and goes a step further by disclosing a few stocks he is personally tracking. Currently, 4,500 members are learning from this seasoned veteran of trading.

It’s free to join and lots to learn.

United Traders

The United Traders Discord server is one of the most popular with novice and experienced day traders.

United Traders have one golden rule, and that is that everyone helps each other out.

There are group rules which help to keep the channel members respectful of each other. As some of the Discord trading channels can be unruly and chaotic, United Traders establish order from the moment you join.

There are regular promotions and a daily updated watch list, with multiple chat groups for the many different aspects of trading, such as options or Forex.

With 20,000 members, United Trading is a busy server with massive potential for day trading for beginners.

Boiler Room Trading

Boiler Room Trading has over 7,500 members. The trading server was founded by Connor Pollifrone, who began investing when he was only 18 years old. He became a full-time trader and investor and developed a passion for teaching others how to trade.

Start to trade with the Boiler Room Trading server, and you have a chance of succeeding at day trading.

Connor has a wide range of courses available on his website. His popular #daytrading Discord server is great for day trading for beginners.

You can join for free or upgrade to a premium membership where you will get –

  • Daily live audio
  • Daily stock watch list
  • Streaming stock scanners
  • Weekly webinars

As a mentor for Discord day trading, Connor stands out. To achieve trading success at such a young age is exceptional, but he genuinely wants to pass on his skills, making Boiler Room Trading a definite Discord day trading server to add to your list.

When you start day trading, it’s vital to get a trading education to support your learning.

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Trading education courses are usually expensive, but it’s essential to learn how to day trade properly from the start.

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