Day Trading Leverage Strategy

Two ideas that are very important to the world of day trading are margin and leverage. Taking the time to understand these concepts will make it easier to understand the options at your disposal as a day trader. Margin is a loan given by a broker which allows the trader

Mentors Day Trading and Education

You think you can learn day trading pretty quick?  Well, you definitely can’t. Consider being more productive! Many people, including you, were probably exposed to some day trading success video of a “mentor” who just earned $5,570 in 2 hours and want to sell you another education package. Naturally, the

Sam Strauss Review

Sam Strauss is a 21 years old trader, mentor, and entrepreneur. He specializes in crypto and day trading. Sam’s success in trading gave him the ability to buy his first BMW i8 at the age of 19. Sam Strauss biography After quitting his first job at 16-year-old, Sam decided that

Review: MOJO Day Trading

Mojo Day Trading is a stock market education company, which main services are Live Day Trading Room and The Swing Trade Newsletter. Mojo ProTeam also provides a service called Mojo University, which has educated more than 1,000 professional traders. Their Twitter account has almost 51k followers. Company Profile Mojo ProTeam

How Stop Loss Rules Protect Day Traders

Day trading can be very complex and risky. There are plenty of pitfalls that can get the best of inexperienced traders, but there are also a lot of tools we have at our disposal as day traders to help us overcome the risks involved. One of the most important tools

Top 7 Day Trading Discord Servers

Discord is a perfect platform for day traders, but it lacks functionality that allows people to find desired servers. That is why we made a list of 7 top day trading servers that you should definitely join: Boiler Room Discord Server (7.6k members) Boiler Room Trading is a very popular

Discord as a day trading platform

Discord is an online platform that was originally designed for video gaming communities. It has become popular among day traders after adding video calling and screen sharing features in 2017. Traders create Discord servers to share their educational materials, send stock alerts, conduct live trading sessions and give birth to

James Bullard Believes a Move on Rates Is Still Early

In its most recent policy announcement, the Federal reserve chose to keep its base rate unchanged at 2.5 percent. In announcements before that, the Fed changed its expectations. The Fed switched course to making no hikes this year, which surprised investors. Earlier plans had aimed at two rate hikes. Trump

Should You Shift Your Strategy this Summer?

Some investors follow a common strategy that is based on seasonal changes in market sentiment. The strategy, called “sell in May and go away”, entails switching to risk-free assets in the six months that start in May and end with the end of October. After that, investors can switch back

China’s “belt and road” Initiative Becoming a Vehicle for Influence

The Belt and Road and initiative by China started as an infrastructure program. However, recent statements from China indicate it is more than just that. It is becoming clearer that the initiative is a tool for China to exert influence globally. The initiative is gaining support Many countries have voiced