Should I learn day trading, or just ‘get it on the go’?

There are probably as many opinions on the best way to learn trading as there are trading. You have traders who tell you anything from the least to the most. The Best Day Traders to Follow There are more day traders out there than we could even count. At any

Day Trading Disappointment Stories

How to Lose $10,000 in one week Let’s not focus on my identity too much, because I am a pretty well-known character online. Let’s just say I received an email from a company that seemed pretty reliable and guaranteed that with their mentorship you can get to making $10,000 in

Connor Pollifrone Review – (Boiler Room Trading)

Connor Pollifrone is a trader and educator who runs the popular Boiler Room Trading YouTube channel and the Boiler Room chatroom on his website and Discord room. Connor has been trading full time since 2014, and focuses on day trading and swing trading US stocks and options. Boiler Room Trading

Investors Adjust Their Portfolio As Sentiment Shifts

Investors’ sentiment seems to be turning negative in the overall, despite the fact that the S&P 500 index has been making gains recently and recovering its losses. Investors are not convinced, and they are moving their funds into more defensive and secure assets than shares. Capital is fleeing away from

Shares to hold when the fed is dovish

An increasingly dovish tone from the Fed The fed has been showing an increasingly dovish tone recently. It is showing no intention of increasing interest rates any further beyond their current level in the near future, in order to maintain economic growth. This comes at a time when the US

Review: Stock Lock Trading

Stock Lock Trading is a trader education website run by Stelios Stylianou. The site features several resources for new and aspiring traders, including a chatroom and a master class course. About Stelios Stelios has 10 years of experience as a trader and focuses on day trading stocks. He’s been through

How I Wiped Out My Trading Account in A Day

This is the story of my first major day trading failure. It’s the story of how one stupid mistake caused me to wipe out my entire account in a day. It happened about six months after I started trading. By that point my account was down about 50% from where

Review: Patrick Wieland YouTube Channel

Patrick Wieland is a day trader who shares his trading journey on his YouTube channel. He describes himself as a momentum day trader, and he trades stocks, futures and cryptocurrencies. His channel is all about the lessons he learns along the way. He doesn’t claim to be an expert –

Why You Need A Day Trading Mentor

When it comes to trading, I think that one of the best things that ever happened to me was being talked into finding a mentor. When I started out trading, a friend of mine, who had started trading a while before me, suggested I find a trading coach or a

How I Improved My Trading Over the Last Few Months

Today I’m feeling more confident about my trading than I’ve ever felt, and I’ve hit a new milestone – up 8 weeks in row. I’ve actually had more profitable months in the past, but my trading is just so much more consistent than it was before. I’m also trading the