How I started Day Trading

I’ve been day trading for about ten years now. It’s been an amazing journey – although like most traders there have been some very tough periods and moments of serious self-doubt. When I look back now, what I find most interesting is that the reasons I love trading now are

Lyft goes ahead of Uber in the IPO game

Lyft begins its IPO roadshow: The disruption of the ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps continues, with more contenders entering the market and growing in their influence. Lyft, one of the main rivals to Uber, plans to launch its IPO before Uber does the same in April. Lyft is currently launching its

Rate cuts by the Fed are not due yet, and gold faces resistance

It is still early for rate cuts For over six years, gold prices have been unable to decisively break and stay above the $1360 per ounce price level. One of the reasons may have been a strong US dollar. And analysts say that gold prices will rally only when investors

Apple to release its video streaming service on Monday

Despite the late arrival to the market, Apple has announced that it will start its steaming service on Monday. However, many details remained to be discovered as Apple has not revealed much. Apple (AAPL) Share Price CandleStick Chart Today Most details are yet to be exposed The pricing level and

Stocks Making Pronounced Moves Before The Bell

Biogen has recovered some ground after declining within the last few days. The stock moved up strongly after the company announced that it would buy back shares in the value of over $5 billion. Viacom moved up strongly after the announcement that it would maintain broadcasting its channels on AT&T

Stocks that made strong moves before the bell

Technology companies Facebook stock declined in value to reach around $167 USD per share following some management changes as Chief Product Officer Chris Cox left his position. This change in leadership can signal a change in strategic direction. Oracle stock made a strong move up reaching $52 in price after

The S&P 500 will likely fall to 1600 points, according to David Stockman

Experts expert bear market is in the making Many businessmen and investment professionals’ have recently voiced their concerns regarding American equities. The S&P 500 American equities benchmark has been in a bullish run since 2009 (1o years), and this worries knowledgeable analysts since it shows signs of complacency in the


Boeing’s shares tumble Boeing’s stock continues to decline, causing turmoil in the 30-stock Dow index, in which it is a major component. The stock of the famous airline lost major ground on Monday declining from $422.54 on Friday to around $370 today. This downward slide was prompted by the recent


American Eagle Outfitters roams around $20 per share The first stock is American Eagle Outfitters, which saw an eventful day. The company achieved better earnings per share than expected (43 cents vs. 42 expected). However, its revenues fell short at $1.24 billion instead of the $1.26 sought after. The company’s

Importance of Psychological Factors in Day Trading

Novice traders mistakenly believe that having technical or fundamental analysis skills would guarantee them success. However, the reality is that the most important aspect, especially when making the first steps in day trading, is the control over emotions. The psychological factors might have the greatest impact on a trader’s results