Why a traditional trade analysis approach doesn’t work for cryptocurrency.

A look at the traditional approach to analysing stock prices and why it doesn’t work for cryptocurrencies. Summary: A Discounted

Penny Stocks vs. Regular Stock Day Trading

Penny stock day trading is often regarded as an alternative to generating higher returns compared to regular stock day trading,

Shares fall as Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Drops, While UOB Misses Estimates

Shares of Oversea Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) fell 1.7 percent, and United Overseas Bank (UOB) slid 1.9 percent, the biggest

Fed Minutes Show “It Was Not Yet Clear” What Rate Moves Are Needed In 2019

Federal Reserve is broken into two camps about future interest rates moves, according to the Minutes of Federal Open Market

European Shares Slip Amid Auto Tariff Worries, Dollars Rises: Markets Wrap

Today, on the outlook of global trade, European shares and the U.S. equity drifted while the Asian shares had a

Stocks Drop, Asian Stocks Declined as Trump-Kim Summit Ends

Donald Trump, the United States President, walked out of his second summit with Kim Jong Un as two leaders were

Stocks Climbed After Trump Postponed The Dates For Boosting Tariffs

President Trump delays his deadline to increase tariffs on Chinese Goods as his administration continues the efforts to persuade Beijing

Rise In Market Should Not Be Confused With Optimism

S&P 500 reached its highest point on Monday, since early November, while getting back from all the December’s distress. The

A Subtle Message from Powell to Markets

Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Chairman, says that the United States economy has faced some conflicting signals. Although this is something

Glencore to Cap Coal Output in Climate Change

Glencore Plc, the most prominent coal miner in Australia and the world’s largest coal exporter, has bowed to the global