Learning the Hard Way – 3 Traders Who Lost Everything

People become traders to gain financial independence and generate profits on a regular basis. However, some of them fail big, and we’re about to share three stories of traders who lost everything in a blink of an eye. We’ll start with a young trader from Vancouver, Canada, who used to

Gamblers fallacy – and how to blow your account

Flip a coin. Choose heads or tails. Your odds of winning against an opponent are 50:50. But what if the coin lands on heads three times in a row? Does it change our point of view? For some, the idea that it will land on heads a fourth time seems

Getting started as a day trader

If you’re looking to create a new income stream, becoming a day trader can be a great opportunity. Equipped with the right budget, broker and skills, it’s possible to start making money almost immediately. However, it’s not without risk – and if you want access to the best information and

What Are Penny Stocks And How to Check The Underlying Assets

What are penny stocks Penny stocks are stocks priced at below $5 a share, and that usually have market caps below $500 million. The term originally referred to stocks priced below $1, but over time the threshold has risen to $5. Some penny stocks are listed on exchanges, while others

Why a traditional trade analysis approach doesn’t work for cryptocurrency.

A look at the traditional approach to analysing stock prices and why it doesn’t work for cryptocurrencies. Summary: A Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model and Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio are two key ways to evaluate the value of stock prices. These indicators only work in efficient markets. When comparing the stock

Penny Stocks vs. Regular Stock Day Trading

Penny stock day trading is often regarded as an alternative to generating higher returns compared to regular stock day trading, as the former relates to small-cap companies whose share price is below $5. Most companies with low-priced stocks have, in theory, much room for growth, being able to double or

Shares fall as Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Drops, While UOB Misses Estimates

Shares of Oversea Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) fell 1.7 percent, and United Overseas Bank (UOB) slid 1.9 percent, the biggest decline this year that occurred on the same day.   With this, the Singapore Banks are bracing themselves for the newer challenges from slowing economy, and China-U.S. trade tensions. Moreover,

Fed Minutes Show “It Was Not Yet Clear” What Rate Moves Are Needed In 2019

Federal Reserve is broken into two camps about future interest rates moves, according to the Minutes of Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), Jan 29-30, 2019.   One camp of ‘several’ officials raised a point that rate increase is needed if the inflation outcomes are higher than baseline forecast. However, another

European Shares Slip Amid Auto Tariff Worries, Dollars Rises: Markets Wrap

Today, on the outlook of global trade, European shares and the U.S. equity drifted while the Asian shares had a mixed session. The dollar went higher, and treasures were steady.   Contracts on Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq turned lower before America and China talks resolve their trade dispute.

Stocks Drop, Asian Stocks Declined as Trump-Kim Summit Ends

Donald Trump, the United States President, walked out of his second summit with Kim Jong Un as two leaders were not able to agree on a deal. The deal was to relieve North Korea of U.S. sanctions in exchange for Pyongyang. Trump said it was about the sanctions. They wanted