The Future of Bitconnect Coin

Bitconnect coins were named among the world’s top 20 most successful cryptocurrency tokens at the end of 2017 before its cost dramatically collapsed. Several lawsuits were filed against Bitconnect founders and litigations are still ongoing. With all that, many people have been asking what will Bitconnect coin become in the

Four Day Trading Mentors You Want to Learn From

The world of day trading has its own communities and networks, platforms and servers.  In this larger community of day traders, a few have stood out, as mentors, teachers and advisors. In this article, we will be examining five day trading mentors that have been brought to our attention for

What is CFD Trading and How Does it Work (with Examples)

CDF (Contract for Difference) is an agreement on exchange the difference in the value of a specific asset from the moment when the position is opened to the moment of its closing. This contract for difference is a form of a financial agreement between two parties, i.e. a buyer and

Will Bitcoin Crash? The Experts Explain

For the last ten years of current Bitcoin history, the “first” cryptocurrency has repeatedly amazed everyone with its record price jumps. However, after each crushing fall, it was accompanied by negative news.  As the Bitcoin cost soared more and more people began to have faith in the first crypto coin

Best Day Trading Youtube Channels That Will Improve Your Trading Skills

In the world of day trading, each online trading personality has their own take on how to trade on the stock market and have gained followers.  One may ask: How did once unheard of trading “mentors” become so popular and found their own companies? That question is easy to answer.

How to Master Your Day Trading Cryptocurrency Strategy

Cryptocurrency usually indicates a set of decentralized digital coins, the creation, and control of which are based on cryptographic and mathematical methods. Bitcoin is the first and most known cryptocurrency. Over the past years, a huge amount of altcoins has been created based on similar principles. The functional principles of

CME Group Trading Challenges

The essence of day trading challenges is that registered individuals and teams of participants have to demonstrate their ability to trade successfully. These competitions help beginners to better understand how to trade live with in the world’s leading exchanges. Participating in these trading challenges allows participants to utilize a combination

Transparent Traders Stock Watch List For 07/31/19

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Wednesday, July 31. $ENPH – Enphase Energy released earning on July 30th.  The company has shown tremendous strength and the opening for the market on

4 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow to Improve Your Day Trading Skills

Timely and reliable information about interesting tickers, actual news or just practical thoughts of experienced traders is never excessive. This issue is especially relevant to traders who work from home and may miss opportunities to communicate with colleagues. Many successful traders have their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social

Stock Market Crash 2019 Predictions

A number of key factors indicate that the US economy may lapse into a period of recession. The world economy has a cyclical nature of development, and the US stock market is largely dependent on global indicators. That is, if the worldwide slowdown becomes more significant, this can scare investors