Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge

In the world of day trading a relatively new phenomenon has emerged,  the day trader challenge. The explanation is simple: various online companies challenge participants to trade utilizing a demo account over an extended period of time with defined rules and the winner to be determined by the most profits earned in trades.  These challenges have clear rules governing how they are organized and what the participants can and cannot do. At the end of the trading challenge, the winner is chosen based on profits accrued and adherence to trading techniques.  The winner in most cases wins a real fully funded trading account that he/she may use to do actual trades on the stock market.

Ricky Gutierrez and TechnoBud

Ricky Gutierrez of Techbud Solutions operates a peer to peer group that is designed to help connect motivated individuals and further assist their own personal ventures. He offers advice on the stock market, penny stocks, startups, investments, real estate, and careers. He talks openly about any opportunity to nurture personal growth, proper mindset and the opportunities of how to succeed, travel the world and make money. Ricky is a goofy fun-loving leader and motivator. Ricky is working day in a day out with his team to making all of the tools for investors as accessible as possible for everyone.

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge is largely focused on his followers from Waterplant Profit and Tackles Solutions.  His followers on Facebook will also be eligible to take part in the challenge. The eligibility criteria for participants are listed below: 

Not confident enough to take part in a trading challenge? Try practicing with a free trading demo account. 

There are two levels of participation:

  • Those from the Waterplant Profit/ Tackles Solutions group that will be eligible to win $1000 
  • Facebook followers who will be eligible to win $100

Rules of the Challenge

  • The participants must submit a screenshot of their trading page with personal info redacted which clearly indicates their trading account starting balance on the TechnBud Solutions website. 
  • They can also submit this information via the Discord server. 
  • Then participants must submit a plan indicating how they intend to reach their goal.

To win the challenge you need to:

  • submit weekly growth report based on a percentage
  • submit a weekly report. Failure to do so automatically disqualifies you
  • indicate consistent growth, the knowledge gained, technical analysis, risk analysis/management
  • provide a list of the weekly quality trades 

The duration of the challenge is a month-long and a winner will be decided at the end of it.

Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge Conclusion

I must say that Ricky Gutierrez Trading Challenge rules are a bit vague and it is not very clear what is the best way to win this challenge. Although, I hope that Ricky will use his potential to improve and create a new hype within the trading community. 

TSR Warrior

TSR Warrior


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