Shares to hold when the fed is dovish

An increasingly dovish tone from the Fed

The fed has been showing an increasingly dovish tone recently. It is showing no intention of increasing interest rates any further beyond their current level in the near future, in order to maintain economic growth. This comes at a time when the US yield curve has inverted, which is considered by many as a sign that a bear market is imminent.

Investors are adapting to the outlook

Many investors are adapting. They are exiting some of their investments and entering other ones. They are buying defensive stocks that remain afloat in the expected bear market, and the sector receiving investors’ attention currently is consumer staples.

During the long bullish market, the consumer staples sector was not a priority for investors, who sought investments with higher returns. However, now with the current market outlook, and given the low elasticity of consumer staples to factors like price, investments are flowing into this sector back again.

Defensive stocks are receiving more attention

In the current market climate, investors are likely to increase their investments in growth stocks and stocks whose performance is not prone to short term factors. Investors are also more likely to turn away from high risk stocks which are more speculative in nature, according to analysts and strategists.

The shift to defensive stocks is likely to become more pronounced with more expectations of rate cuts from the fed. Future markets are already anticipating a rate cut by the end of this year with a 70% probability.



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