Stock Gumshoe Review: Is it worth it?

What is stock gumshoe? Traders know how crucial it is to obtain timely, detailed, and thought-out information and utilize it in stock transactions. Many traders have at least one email address where tons of teaser letters are sent from various financial and investment sources. Since most teaser emails contain a lot of clues about what kind of recommendations a particular service sells, you can find out useful information without paying large sums a year for their subscription.
Stock Gumshoe receives the same emails, analyzes the information, and provides its subscribers with conclusions regarding whether or not to invest in certain assets.

Stock Gumshoe Review

Stock Gumshoe is best described as a newsletter service for traders with different levels of experience and knowledge. This service presents a useful platform that provides stock exchange news and fresh reviews. The service does not only redirect posts, but it processes data to find key points about particular stocks. Stock Gumshoe provides reviews of many newsletter services to help readers determine whether the recommendations from those newsletters is worth following or not. All of this is presented in an amazing form along with good analysis and sent to subscribers emails.

Who Is Stock Gumshoe Owner?

Travis Johnson Stock Gumshoe

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Travis Johnson is the founder of the service and writes of most articles and posts them on the website, as well as blogging and researching the field of stock trades and investment. He has created a simple but informative online resource with only a few pages.

The service founder tries to guess why some newsletter services promote this or that stock. He not only selects what is being promoted, but he does his analysis of the assets selected and gives suggestions on why they might be a good or bad thing for trading at this particular moment. His accuracy is usually on par with his conclusions because he verifies the data provided.

Any biases towards any kind of assets, trades, and investment methods, he tries to avoide. The founder of this service also allows his subscribers to post their comments about his analysis already done and provides their own suggestions on the website. This open forum can be used to share any information or personal opinions related to the entire trading industry and specific stocks in particular.

Pricing Policy

Stock Gumshoe is presented in the form of a personal blog. On the first page, you can find many posts and articles which are absolutely free of charge and don’t require any subscription. Besides this free option, the service provides paid memberships for $7 a month or $59 a year.

The paid option comes with brief summaries of each article. There is also the  matter of publications on the website are long enough, so an author can provide a short synopsis for each article to save the reader’s time. The paid option also enables users to see the portfolio of the Stock Gumshoe’s founder. While he is not renowned for his stock selection, their list can provide some ideas for further development of individual investment methods. Lastly, users can also select the third option. This is the lifetime membership which costs $329.

Is stock gumshoe worth it?

4 main benefits of StockGumshoe.Com

Stock Pick Tracker

This is one of the most exciting features of this service. It presents a series of spreadsheets showing the return on investment in stocks that were selected by Travis according to the recent newsletter. These spreadsheets show what would have happened if a trader purchased a particular stock at the moment recommended by the newsletter. This function can be useful for having an informed opinion regarding the reliability of any specific newsletter.

Function of Customization and Layout

The free option to use the Stock Gumshoe service does not require opening an account. However, it can provide users an opportunity to create personalized member profiles, which allows them to leave comments on articles and get feedback about the mailing services. The registered account also allows you to take part in discussions in the forum.

Searching Function

The search function on the website allows visitors to find articles, promotions, and newsletters of interest quickly. All content is linked throughout the website. So, users can easily see which posts were written about particular newsletters.

Function of Data Distribution

The service is able to differentiate the marketing teases contained in newsletters to see what stocks they are recommending. Travis Johnson tries to focus his attention on those newsletters that offer useful recommendations, rather than speculation of particular stocks. Stock Gumshoe can also be of assistance as a resource to understand which newsletter service is better, thanks to its user-friendly reviews and tracking history of stock performance.

Social Media

Only two social media platforms are mentioned on the website – Facebook (6,083 Followers) and Twitter (2,492 Followers). Travis Johnson regularly posts his articles there and are worth checking out

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