Team Elite Trading Review

Team Elite Trading was founded by a day trader James Austin in 2015 when he was just a junior in high school in San Diego California. In order to start his company, he set a goal for himself and began by hustling together $2,000 over a  few weeks by buying and reselling Seahawks merchandise before Superbowl 49. His company currently offers a trading course, daily live trading webinars, and a one-on-one mentorship program.

James Austin Profile Review

James states that he discovered day trading after school one day when he decided to browse YouTube instead of studying for his US History final, and the rest is history.  He figured that if other people were making a living day trading there was no reason that he couldn’t do the same  His first couple of months things didn’t go too well for him as he lost 60% of his account in live trading.

After that loss, he started to take trading more seriously and realized that he needed to study a lot if he wanted to become more successful. He began by researching everything and started off by watching some Youtube videos to get a better understanding of the basics and the terminology. Once he understood the basics, he joined a few chat rooms to get an idea of the various strategies that successful traders were utilizing so he could learn what to look for what worked.

It was shortly thereafter in 2015 when Team Elite Trading was founded by James.

Team Elite Trading Services Review

Team Elite Trading’s primary service is trading education that teaches novice day traders how to trade. The courses that Team Elite Trading offers features three different sections:

Daily Live Trading Webinars

The first is the daily live training webinars that are $79/ month and features access to his daily stocks watchlist. These webinars are designed to help people by showing them how trades are performed live.  They are interactive insofar as the traders having the ability to ask about the strategy of picking the trades in real time. This offer also goes with the daily watchlist provided by James.

Team Elite Trading course

The second is Team Elite Trading Course that is offered for $299 and, besides a detailed course, will give you 3-month access to live-trading webinars, daily watch list a private elite chat. The centerpiece of this service is the course which is ten hours long and features topics such as, how to read charts, favorite trade platforms, and interpreting news and SEC filings.

One-on-One Mentorship Program

This service offered by Team Elite Trading is more extensive in terms of their provision of services.  It starts with access to their webinars, chat room and daily stocks watchlist and followed by their 10-hour long trading course. An added feature of the One-on-One Mentorship Program is monthly Skype meetings with James and free text/ SMS assistance provided to clients. $1980 will get you 6 months of access to the enumerated services.

Team Elite Trading Social Media Review

Team Elite Trading’s internet footprint is quite prolific.  They can be found on numerous social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter,  Instagram.

James Austin YouTube subscribers number approximately 1.5K.  The primary function of their Youtube channel has been to provide free webinars and video lessons to their subscribers.

The Twitter account for James Austin has approximately 570 followers. It acts as a venue to post profits and losses for the day’s trades and get tips and advice. It is also a platform for free stock alerts. There is also James Austin’s Instagram account that can be a good inspiration for novice traders who want to become rich and successful.

Team Elite Trading Review Conclusion

If you are a potential day trader and thinking about getting into the world of day trading, a company like this would be good to look at.  James Austin and Team Elite Trading’s focus seems to be on the day trader segment that is absolutely new and in need of training.  If you fit this description and are interested in day trading to earn additional income, feel free to go to his website and check out his services.

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