Trading with Flash Review

Trading with Flash was founded by trading mentor Jordan Hogan and is a company that bases its services around trading education for day traders. They provide courses that are offered online, reviews and mentorship. The primary focus of this company is the potential day trader that may need training to enter the community of day trading.

Jordan Hogan Profile Review

Jordan Hogan is the founder of  Trading with Flash, a company that he founded approximately 5 years ago. Previous to his current duties as a day trader and founding of Trading with Flash, he once was a semi-professional wrestler. His plunge into the world of day trading inspired him as news of impending fatherhood became known and wanted to make a better like for his future child.  

The primary focus Trading with Flash in his YouTube videos is to educate new day traders, which are the largest segment that he caters to. He attributes the success of his company in day trading to learning the correct patterns, being disciplined and keeping his emotions at bay and sticking to his trading strategies.

Trading with Flash Services Review

Trading with Flash is primarily focused on education, reviews, and training. Listed below are some of the services that Trading with Flash provides. The largest segment of their services is the educational services provided followed by the reviews. 

Flash Forward Day Trading Course

The Flash Forward Day Trading Course is a 15 part course that teaches novice day traders covers various topics such as Japanese Candlesticks, setups, trading platforms, and strategy. According to Jordan Hogan, he also has currently completed a signature course titled “Flash Forward Day Trading”, which is currently being offered and took over a year to develop.

Trading Reviews

The reviews that Jordan Hogan does on the Trading with Flash website are largely based on reviews of day trading courses, platforms and free online training for day traders. His reviews on day trading strategies are from a practical perspective as he takes the course he is currently reviewing and discusses the relevant parts and then applies the strategies he has learned. 

He also reviews platforms in order to give prospective novice day traders advice on which trading platforms to use, as well as following and reviewing free online day trading training courses for new day traders.

Trading with Flash Social Media Review

Jordan Hogan’s YouTube channel is called Trading with Flash which he uses to review stock courses, give tips and advice on how to become successful as a day trader on the stock market.  His Youtube channel has over 2K subscribers and is a mix of reviews, tips, and news.

Jordan also has an Instagram account that provides informal alerts, news as well as profit and loss posts for day traders. It is also a venue to review the day trades as well as the strategies used.  His Instagram page like his previously mentioned Youtube channel act as informal networking hubs where followers and subscribers can exchange ideas and strategies and tips on day trading. 

Trading With Flash  Review Conclusion

Trading With Flash is a great stepping stone for entry-level or novice day traders that require serious mentorship from someone who has already been there. The services are simple and according to the founder, Jordan Hogan, are meant to be straightforward and the least confusing as possible. If you are interested in day trading it is important to have the proper training and preparation. Trading with Flash is sensible in terms of the information offered if you have not been initiated into the world of intraday trading.

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