Transparent Traders Review

Transparent Traders is a day trading company founded by James Mason. Their website offers a host of information to both novice and seasoned traders.  Most of the information provided by their company is educational and mentor-driven such as stock picks or free introductory courses.

James Mason as a Founder of Transparent Traders

James Mason is a day trading mentor, whose trading style is centered on momentum day trading and he mostly trades large-cap stocks. James enjoys helping others learn how to trade. He posts live trades and reviews of trades and the decision-making process that went into them. He usually advises others that day trading can be very volatile, you have to be aware of the risks involved, understand the basics and receive some form of education in day trading.

Transparent Traders was started by James Mason and is a company that networks stock traders of every experience level. They claim themselves to be a successful community of stock traders who believe in giving back to the trading community.

Transparent Traders Services Review

Transparent Traders website clearly defines the following services that the company provides:

Transparent Traders Watch-Lists

This is a page related to James Mason’s daily stock picks. Each list usually includes stocks which prices range from $1 to $10 and provides a detailed analysis of how the stocks were researched and chosen. On the website, you can also subscribe to Transparent Traders newsletter to receive emails with new daily stock picks.

Transparent Traders Trades

This section of the Transparent Traders website provides news and other juicy tidbits used by James in order to sharpen his analysis before making a trade.  It is informative and updated daily and includes articles on the latest market trends.

Transparent Traders Free Stock Course

The company offers an 8-hour free stock trading course, which not only covers topics for newbies, like “How to set up, use and interpret your platform”, but also assists more experienced traders with advanced pieces of advice in trading. This stock course is a compilation of webinar-styled videos that detail everything in the spectrum of day trading.

Transparent Traders Stock Alerts

Transparent Traders have recently launched their new service — free stock alerts.  Alerts for penny, swing, and options will be messaged directly to you via Messenger from Transparent Traders business page for easy access.

Transparent Traders Social Media Review

As far as social media footprint goes Transparent Traders can be followed quite easily.

Transparent Traders Facebook group was created about a year ago and has over 5,000 followers. The posts usually contain news, alerts gains or losses related to day trading.  It should be considered a valuable resource to acquire information and learn specific skills required for day trading.

As for James Mason YouTube channel, it has about 3.5K subscribers and hosts stock trading courses, stock options trading courses, and livestock market trades.  James Mason explains day trading patterns as well as in both variants of swing and day trading and provides advice on proper planning of trades and adequate risk management techniques.  For those that are interested in day trading, this Youtube channel provides a glimpse of a day trader’s life and is worthwhile to watch in terms of educational skills.

Transparent Traders Review Conclusion

My impression of Transparent Traders’ course and James Mason’s content is positive in general. His website offers a lot of information and advice and his social media lets you have a glimpse into the world of day trading. He does not claim to be a guru in day trading; he simply and sincerely shares his experience with trading practitioner’s novice or experienced. It is worth mentioning that unlike online resources of other notable characters in the world of stock day trading, James Mason offers his opinions and findings absolutely free.

TSR Warrior

TSR Warrior


  • Zach says:

    Transparent Traders is one of THE only legitimate FREE educational trading groups around. No one will try to sell you programs, alerts, scanners, etc.

    James is as down to earth guy who is honest enough to share his wins and losses, and seems to genuinely care about the success of members in the group.

    Highly recommend!

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