Transparent Traders Stock Watch List For 07/22/19

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Monday, July 22.

$NFLX – Netflix Inc gapped down $40 per share on July 18th due to a subscriber miss. The following day, July 19th, $NFLX dropped another 8 points to close at $315.10 per share and also resulting with a daily RSI of 24.08. If the Dow futures open green on July 22nd, I would look for $NFLX to have a solid green day to pull itself from underneath the lower threshold for RSI. Even though $NFLX is looking like it could pull off a green day, this ticker is still extremely bearish and will continue down into the future IMO.

NFLX Stock Price Chart Today

$AAPL – Apple Inc had a 3 point loss on July 19th. When looking at $AAPL on the daily chart it’s currently setting up for bounce off the middle Bollinger Band line. $AAPL was also upgraded by Raymond James recently.

AAPL Stock Price Chart Today

$BA – Boeing Co has been bullish lately whiling ignoring all the negative news about itself. Based off the daily chart $BA is setup to breakout for a strong green day. My only concern is if $BA has a significant gap up pre-market. If it gaps up I would expect a short bullish run followed by a pullback and ending the day red. $BA also has earning on July 24th. Expect a parabolic move after it’s earnings and guidance are released. Normally I would say that a stock in their situation would tank with the events surrounding them, but $BA keeps surprising everyone with it’s moves. In the end the United States government isn’t going to let Boeing fail!

BA Stock Price Chart Today

James Mason

James Mason

I am a momentum day trader who mostly trades large cap stocks. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade.


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