Transparent Traders Stock Watch List For 07/31/19

My name is James Mason, I’m the founder of Transparent Traders and this is the list of stocks that I suggest paying attention to on Wednesday, July 31.

$ENPH – Enphase Energy released earning on July 30th.  The company has shown tremendous strength and the opening for the market on July 31st will demonstrate that with a significant gap up.  IMO I see $ENPH making a very bullish push for a few more days before pulling back a little.

$HUM – Humana Inc, have you heard of Humana?  If not, you will today with their massive gap up.  $HUM has a tendency to gap up like this and then fade by 5 to 10 points over the next few days.  Imo I would watch it on the daily chart to break up the upper Bollinger Band before trying to short it.

$ADP – Automatic Data Processing Inc released great numbers for their earnings.  Their company is utilized by many companies and does exactly what their name says, which frees the companies of man-hours.  $ADP is very solid and I would expect it to continue so by creating new highs.

James Mason

James Mason

I am a momentum day trader who mostly trades large cap stocks. I enjoy helping others learn how to trade.


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