Trick Trades Review

Trick Trades is a day trading educational services provider that specializes in providing fee for service products to their clients largely in the day trading community.  It was founded by Patrick Mitchel, its current CEO, in 2017. Their primary focus is the provision of day trading education to prospective traders and traders at other levels.

Patrick Mitchell Profile Review

Patrick Mitchell or “Trick” as he is known to others close to him is the founder and CEO of Trick Trades.  He founded his company after a long career as an oilfield pipeline welder and has described his former career as backbreaking.

He founded his company as a result of the economic situation in his home province and the devaluation in oil prices and viewed it as an opportunity and career change.  Along the way, he has had his fair share of bumps and bruises and may have been led down the primrose path a time or two.  But you can’t quite stop an Albertan once he has set his sights on a goal and chosen a target.

His company offers a host of unique educational services tailored to his style of trading and born out of his own mistakes in the day trading.

Trick Trades Services Review

Trick Trades has a host of services that it currently offers to everyone interested in day trading, from the prospective novice to the advanced candidates.  Their primary focus as a company is in trading education that caters to every level.

Most of the services offered by Trick Trades is in fee for service educational programs and offer their educational trading material in an online store.  The two primary levels of fee for services that they offer are in two packages offered, the first being “guidance” and the second being “mentorship”.

The Guidance Program

The “Guidance Program” as it is known consists of daily market insight with real-time education, Live screen share, Savage Scans, daily video watch list, daily in-depth trade recaps and access to an extensive huge video lessons library.

The Guidance Program is offered by Trick Traders for a fee of $147/ Monthly.

The Mentorship Program

The “MentorshipProgram” is essentially the same as the “Guidance Program” but offers additional services.  Some of the additional services they offer are; exclusive direct messaging, weekly live classes, access to a huge Mentoring Video Library.  In addition, they also provide full access to previous and on-going live classes, assistance with developing your own trading strategies, review of your toughest monthly trades and a new addition which is live trade recap videos.

The Mentorship Program is offered by Trick Traders for a fee of $309/ Monthly

Trick Trades Social Media Review

The social media portfolio of Trick Traders has the usual characters needed to help a company gain or increase their exposure.  Their social media acts as a venue for those who want to learn more about day trading, post their profits and losses as well as acting as an impromptu alert system on trades and stocks.

The Youtube channel for Trick Trades currently has approximately 8.3K subscribers and offers free advice along with a disclaimer.  They offer this advice in the form of videos that all revolve around day trading and its strategies, advice, and things to watch out for.

The Facebook page for Trick Trades currently has approximately 300 followers and is a community focused on those utilizing Trick Trades services or strategies.  It is a venue for posting screenshots of profits and losses, providing trading news and alerts. It also provides free advice in the form of free videos by Patrick Mitchel himself.

On Trick Trades Twitter account Patrick Mitchell usually posts screenshots of his day trading profits and losses or alert others to any potential changes in the stock market.  He also utilizes this venue as a way to exchange news and information.

The Instagram page for Trick Traders is eclectic in nature.  It hosts pictures, small videos, and screenshots of Patrick’s tweets. It currently has 5K followers and is used as an informal venue to post pictures of their profits and losses as well as being a personal venue used by Patrick Mitchell to keep in touch with his followers.

Trick Trades Review Conclusion

Trick Trades is designed for those who want to or are thinking about day trading.  This company differentiates itself by catering to the novice or never before day traders.  If you are interested in day trading, you might notice that they offer education that many of free trading courses lack.

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