TSLA Stock Price History

TSLA stock price history is a solid bet. Tesla, Inc. is an American corporation that develops, designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles, as well as energy storage equipment in the US, China, Norway, Netherlands, and other countries. The company primarily produces both electric and hybrid cars, mostly sedans and SUVs. In addition, it also sells components and systems for electric vehicle transmission to other manufacturers.

Tesla, Inc. was founded in 2003, and its main offices are located in Zurich, Switzerland and Palo Alto, California. The founders of Tesla are also the founders of Google, eBay, Daimler AG, Toyota, and Elon Musk among other company investors. At the inception of Tesla, Elon Musk, who also owns several other companies at present, invested $70 million in Tesla, Inc. This year, more than 60,000 car owners called Tesla their most favorite brand.

What is TSLA stock price history

In June 2010, the company offered its IPO of shares. The Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) was traded in a narrow range until the second quarter of 2013. Then, the uptrend attracted widespread media attention and triggered growth momentum. In March 2014, TSLA stock exceeded $250. Tesla shares added 26 points over the next six months and formed a volatile side pattern that generated a new wave of purchases after the presidential election of 2016.

TSLA trade history has long been polarized. The uptrend ended at $387 in June 2017, giving way to a pullback. Then, the stock price fell in the range of limited volatility between $250 and $370. After that, The TSLA shares shed 130 points over the next five months. From October 2018, when their cost was $244.50, they increased to $375 by August 2018. Three additional attempts were made to break through to the threshold price of $379 in December 2018. Finally, TSLA stock dropped to a two-year low of $175 in June 2019.

In 2019, 28% of TSLA stock volume was traded short, which means that most investors relied on the stock drop. As a result, day traders got a profit of more than $1 billion on transactions with TSLA stock in May 2019. Since the beginning of June, shares have risen by more than 60 points, and have already broken the strong resistance limit at $250 and above, which has increased the chances of a new downward reversal in TSLA stock price history.

TSLA stock price last 3 month

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TSLA Stock News

Despite last year’s sales problems with selling Tesla cars and expiration of EV tax credits on July 1, 2019, the demand for these vehicles remains high. At present, Tesla cars have been oversold in both short and medium term. Recently, Elon Musk announced his readiness to reduce company expenses and increase revenues and profits of Tesla, Inc. Most experts admit that Tesla, Inc. has made a number of impressive achievements, including the creation of high-performance electric cars and the production of contemporary batteries.

The latest TSLA stock news indicates that its actual price is $253.50. Tesla shares have lost more than a quarter of their value since the beginning of 2019. The rally seen since June 2019 is aiming to reach a new resistance point, which has increased the likelihood that active short-sellers will reload their positions at any hint of bad news regarding Tesla. As a result, approximately 150 points are still needed to reach their former height. The existing resistance may delay the movement of the stock to highs for several months.

TSLA Stock Prediction

The rally can only begin after the next drop of TSLA stocks to the next support level of about $180. However, many experts are confident in their TSLA stock predictions. They have stated that the value of Tesla securities will continue to increase in the future. The first reason is the company plans to produce many more electric cars. The second reason is ambitious and very promising goals for launching the production of electric buses and trucks.

The company’s success will require considerable purchasing power by customers, and this is insurmountable without positive news. As a result, day traders would rather sell these stocks than buy low-priced shares in the third quarter of this year. Most analysts have made their TSLA stock predictions and recommended that traders hold this stock, even though it faces a high probability of another decrease in TSLA stock price in the future.

According to experts and TSLA stock predictions, the future stock price is going to be at the level of $320.54 in a year. It indicates that if $100 is invested, the outcome will be $137.51 in July 2020. This is a good option to add to an investor’s long-term portfolio if all goes as planned.

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