U.S. Stock Market

UUUU Stock Price Today

Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE AMERICAN: UUUU) is a US leading producer of ISR and natural uranium, as well as vanadium

CGC stock price history

Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE: CGC) is Canada’s largest manufacturer of medical marijuana. The company was previously known as Tweed Marijuana

TLRY Stock Prediction

Tilray (TLRY; NASDAQ) is a Canadian pharmaceutical company that produces cannabis for medical purposes. With a staff of approximately 400

James Bullard Believes a Move on Rates Is Still Early

In its most recent policy announcement, the Federal reserve chose to keep its base rate unchanged at 2.5 percent. In

China’s “belt and road” Initiative Becoming a Vehicle for Influence

The Belt and Road and initiative by China started as an infrastructure program. However, recent statements from China indicate it

US Equities Benchmark Reaches New Highs, but Celebrations are Not Due Yet

The fourth quarter of last year was rough for the markets, as the main American benchmarks, the dow jones and

Kudlow Believes the US Now Has an Edge in Trade Negotiations

Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, believes economic conditions now are more favorable for the US. His

Tesla’s Share Forecast is Turning Bearish from Bullish

Analysts at Evercore, an advisory firm, have made grim predictions about Tesla’s stock in the future. Tesla has been dealing

Japan’s Inflation is Short of Target, Albeit a Bit Higher

Japan’s struggle with deflation has been going on for many years. Recent news, however, is a cause for a bit

Davis Solomon Sees a Positive Trend in the US economy

David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, expressed his relief that now he can see positive signs in the US