U.S. Stock Market

Kudlow Believes the US Now Has an Edge in Trade Negotiations

Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council, believes economic conditions now are more favorable for the US. His comments came after GDP growth data showed that the annualized growth rate reached 3.2 percent in the first quarter. Kudlow believes that this economic strength gives the US a leverage

Tesla’s Share Forecast is Turning Bearish from Bullish

Analysts at Evercore, an advisory firm, have made grim predictions about Tesla’s stock in the future. Tesla has been dealing with many issues that vary from market issues to legal ones. Its stock has been trading lower than the top achieved earlier in April at around $291 per share. Evercore

Japan’s Inflation is Short of Target, Albeit a Bit Higher

Japan’s struggle with deflation has been going on for many years. Recent news, however, is a cause for a bit of relief. Inflation has increased by a small percentage. Nonetheless, the central bank of Japan still has some work to do, as inflation is still below the desired level at

Davis Solomon Sees a Positive Trend in the US economy

David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, expressed his relief that now he can see positive signs in the US economy. He said that although there were signs that a recession was getting near, the economic conditions have changed to the better now. The risks are easing for the US

Goldman Sachs Releases Disappointing Revenue Figures

Goldman Sachs’s earnings in the first quarter of the year have beaten estimates. The large bank managed to realize a profit of 2.25 billion USD despite the decline in its revenue. Goldman Sachs (GS) Stock Price Today The performance of different departments in the bank varied The biggest increase for

The US Increases Pressure on Iran by Dubbing its Revolutionary Guard as a Terrorist Organisation

In an unprecedented move, the Trump administration announced its plan to dub the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IGRC) a terrorist organisation. This is the first time a state military organisation has been given this designation in international politics. The move quickly drew criticism. The Iranian government responded by considering the

The US and China May Be Close to Finding A Trade Agreement Enforcementpproach

The US treasury secretary has revealed that there were positive developments in the trade talks with China. The two countries are getting closer to finding a common ground about enforcing an agreement between them. Investors are waiting for more details regarding the enforcement approach, however. The two largest economies in

Pinterest’s Target Valuation After Its IPO May Be Too High

  Pinterest, the popular images sharing social media website, is planning to launch its initial pubic offering within this quarter. The company intends to tap into the public markets to be on an equal footing with other technology companies in the FAANG index. The share will probably have the ticker