Win 14000 Funded Account

Win a free $14,000 funded account – are you good enough?

Almost anyone can trade a funded account without risking his own money. All you need to do is to successfully pass the five day challenge and prove you have what it takes to become a successful trader. If you are talented enough to trade the US stock market, an investment firm would let you trade their own money and share the profit with you. You don’t have to pay anything.

Investment firms are looking for high-potential traders from all over the world who can trade the investment firm’s funds and keep most of the profit. Anyone who thinks he has what it takes to trade an investment firm’s own funds should test his skills by passing the five day challenge.

Providing funded accounts to talented traders is one of the best ways for investment firms to find potent traders with whom they can share their profits. There are no costs, commitments, or restrictions for you to trade the investment firm’s funds. Simply prove that you have the talent and you can start making money in five days.

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What you win

If you win the free day trading funded account you can trade $14,000 of the investment firm’s own money. You keep 70% of the profit or more. The more profit you make, the more profit you take home. You will help the investment firm make money, and the investment firm will let you use its money.

You can only win, and there is nothing for you to lose. You do not need to spend even one dollar to trade the funded account. You can trade the $14,000 completely free of charge.

The funded account gives you access to trade over 4,000 stocks and ETFs that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ. Those are the two largest stock exchanges in the world. The daily volume on the US stock market is in the hundreds of billions of dollars every day. The US stock market size far exceeds that of all other financial instruments in the world, combined.

How does it work?

You can start your day trading career and trade the investment firm’s own money, with zero risk and without putting your own money on the table.

  1. Provide us with your details on the form below
  2. One of our advisors calls you to verify your details
  3. Our advisor sets you up with a $10,000 demo day trading account
  4. You get access to the trading platform in demo mode and get the full explanation of how the platform works.
  5. You have five trading days to trade the $10,000 demo account
  6. If you make $500 or more in profit by the end of the fifth trading day you win access to a free $14,000 real money funded account by a private investment firm

Demo account – to test your skills you will get a $10,000 account of “paper money”. We are testing your ability to trade in demo mode before you can prove to us that you are competent enough to trade the investment firm’s money.

Trading platform – you will take the demo challenge using one of the most advanced day trading platforms in the world. Our platform is made specifically for trading the American stock market. To make sure you understand how to adjust the platform to your taste, just use the walk-through videos we prepared for you and give you an in-depth understanding of the platform.

Winners – you will win $14,000 in five days, if you just prove you know how to trade. We have thousands of challenge winners from all over the world who proved to us that they are good enough traders to trade the investment firm’s own money for free.

Act now to start trading your free funded account as early as possible

The earlier you start your day trading challenge, the earlier you will start trading the real funded account and get the chance to make money using someone else’s money. There is zero risk for you, and you can only gain. Even if you don’t win the challenge – you still get great options for trading the funded account using the investment firm’s money and without risking any of your own money. You can only profit – make money on the funded account and keep 70% of all profits.

We have seen thousands of traders from all over the world who were hesitant to take the challenge, and were worried that they might not be able to win the challenge. Surprisingly to them, they have found out that they actually do have what it takes to successfully make money and consistently create an additional income stream for themselves, or in some cases work as day traders as their main profession.

The biggest mistake we’ve seen potential traders make is to hesitate for too long. If you think you have even the slightest chance of winning the challenge, you need to act now. This opportunity is not always available and is unlikely to last very long. Those who acted quickly, left their details on the form and started their challenge, started their day trading career with a real funded day trading account very quickly.

Stop wasting time – act right now and get your $14,000 funded account access.

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