World Series of Day Trading: A New Day Trading League 2021

A new competition is going to take place in the very near future that may surpass all others in the world of day trading due to its scope and participation level. It is called the World Series of Day Trading.

The World Series of Day Trading is huge, both in the prize money and scale of participation. This competition will also involve some of the most well-known mentors in the day trading industry. The World Series of Day Trading is meant to be a global trading event that will pit the best traders (the expected number of participants is over 4,000) against each other and ultimately, the stock market.

What is the World Series of Day Trading (WSDT)

So, what is the World Series of Day Trading you may ask? The WSDT is an international trading competition involving day traders globally.

The competition will take place over a six-day period and every trader that qualifies for the competition receives access to a demo trading account with a balance of $240,000 for trading.

If you are a day trading mentor with a large following or leading member of a large day trading community, you may also enter the competition with your own team.

WSDT Prizes

WSDT prizes are like the competition itself, grand in scale. The total prizes consist of a funded account valued at over three million dollars for trading.

All of the WSDT prizes come in the form of educational packages that include access to funded trading accounts. You can retain anywhere between 70% to 85% of your profits which are determined by the package size.

The prizes awarded to winners in the World Series of Day Trading come in different levels and values which are defined by three competitor categories:

  • Personal performance (Top 20 competitors in the overall competition receive prizes).
  • Team ranking (Top three competitors on each official team receive prizes).
  • Intrateam ranking (Top competitors on top-three official teams receive prizes).

Lastly, it is important to note that each competitor may only receive one prize.

WSDT Rules

The WSDT rules are straightforward and to the point. They are also divided into two sections the Terms and Conditions and the Elimination Rules.

First of all, rankings will be computed according to their account balance on the demo account at the end of each trading day. The starting and finishing times are identical for every competitor registered in the WSDT that also records the only one authorized to compete under the relevant demo trading account.

The right of competitors to participate in the competition is deemed non-transferable. Competitors that also use trading algorithms deemed illegal by regulators will receive a warning and be asked to cease using the specific algorithm; failure to comply will result in their complete disqualification.

According to the rules, you are not allowed to:

  • Trade on fewer than four active trading days
  • Hold a trading position at the end of the day.
  • Hold a daily loss of $3,500 at any point during a day
  • Hold a total loss of $12,000 at any point during the WSDT competition

Otherwise, you will be eliminated from the competition.

WSDT Team Leaders

Some WSDT Team Leaders are well known to the day trading community as mentors and founders of companies that teach day trading. We will be introducing a full list of them:

  1. Stelios Stylianou –  a day trading mentor with more than ten years of experience. The founder of an educational company Stocklock and the author of the book  “What Is Online Trading?” focused on trading.
  2. Jerremy Newsomethe founder of an educational platform Real Life Trading, Jerremy guides masses on how to safely, properly and profitably invest and trade the stock market.
  3. Ali Biggz – a beginner day trading mentor from Canada, the founder of ABiggzHD. His primary advantage is the ability to help his team members with the psychological aspects of trading. He does this by providing the same level of support that he needed when he started to trade or took part in trading competitions.
  4. James Mason – the founder of Transparent Traders, a day trading mentor, whose trading style is focused on momentum day trading. When mentoring traders, James always makes sure that they apply the correct trading strategies.
  5. Pablo Garcia  – a Spanish day trading mentor and a member of an educational company I&CB, who has over five years of experience and thousands of hours of trading on demo and real accounts. He is also an author of two books on trading.

How can you participate in WSDT?

To be a competitor in the World Series of Day Trading and have the chance to win any of the available prizes you must register for the competition.

Sign up today through late January. Battle begins February 2020.

So, hurry up and register now.

After successfully verifying your registration details, you will receive a formal WSDT enrollment confirmation email with all the information you will need to be able to compete.

To every competitor of the World Series of Day Trading, it must be remembered that this competition is global and live.

I wish you the best and have the world’s best green day!

TSR Warrior

TSR Warrior


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